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The paint industry and coatings market is a fast growing industry throughout the world. From DIY paint projects to large scale industrial coating jobs, this area includes any company involved in painting or any type of covering that is applied to a surface, including powder coatings.

At Trimaco, we support this industry by providing a wide range of end-use products during the painting application process. From paint preparation and surface protection to PPE and clean up, we provide solutions to avoid costly mistakes in the coatings industry.

Paint Preparation & Surface Protection

Paint preparation on a jobsite includes any steps prior to actually painting. From masking off windows and tinting paint, to installing floor and surface protection products such as red rosin paper and carpet film, Trimaco provides a wide range of products to help you prepare for any type of paint job, protective coating, or performance coating application.

Personal Protective Equipment

In addition to protecting your surfaces, it’s important to take care of yourself and the crew. Trimaco has a full line of coveralls, spray hoods, ANSI rated safety goggles and non-slip shoe covers.

Protective wear is a critical component to any paint job to prevent common safety risks such as falling, slipping, face/skin hazards from raw materials, heat exhaustion and more. Minimizing safety risks also helps manage production costs during a paint job.

Paint Clean Up

Job sites are messy, and accidents are destined to happen. Trimaco offers a range of rang and wipers to help with the clean up process of paint, lacquers, and product finishes.

In addition to rags and wipers, Trimaco also offers solutions to help dispose of paint properly. We recommend disposing paint wash out in a government approved fashion or using an environmentally friendly paint wash out system, such as our EnviroWash System.

Top Trimaco Paint Products

Whether its industrial coatings, architectural coatings, or simple lacquers – Trimaco has you covered for your next paint project with heavy duty surface protection, paint strainers, new products and more. Explore some of our most beloved products within the paint industry:

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