Frequently Asked Questions

What is surface protection?

What is the weight of the flooring paper?

What are the pallet quantities?

What is the thickness of the flooring films and other flooring products?

Is the Red Rosin Paper safe for gardening?

What is rosin paper made of?

Is the masking paper safe to use for weed control?

What are paint strainers?

What are the sizes of paint strainers?

How many microns of mesh are Trimaco paint strainers?

Are the strainers safe for food use?

Are your canvas drop cloths flame retardant? Are they waterproof?

How do I clean a drop cloth?

Can drop cloths be recycled?

What are the different drop cloths Trimaco offers?

What is masking paper?

What is masking tape?

Where can masking tape be used?

Where do I buy Trimaco products?

What are Trimaco canvas drop cloths made of?

What do we mean by “total jobsite protection”?

Is X-Board Recyclable?

Do your Dust Containment Poles have replacement parts?

what is drop cloth used for?

How long does it take wall paint to dry?

How to speed up paint drying?

What is a lint free cloth?

How to wash drop cloth curtains?

What are Coveralls?

What's the difference between overalls and coveralls?

how to paint banisters & handrails?

What is the difference between stain and varnish?

How long does it take for stain to cure?

How to wipe off excess wood stain?

What is overspray?

What happens if you don t wipe off wood stain?

What's the difference between oil based and water based stain?

What to put on hardwood floors to protect them?

How to protect tile floors during construction

How long to wait for second coat of stain?

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“@trimaco_inc Super Tuff Tack Back floor protection is a super absorbent reusable floor protection with a sticky back so it stays where you put it. It’s great for entranceways where you might be coming in with wet boots and gear.” Thanks to @drywallbydesign for testing out our Super Tuff Tack Back! ... See MoreSee Less
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“@trimaco_inc Super Tuff Tack Back floor protection is a super absorbent reusable floor protection with a sticky ba…

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