Drop Cloths / DIY No Sew Drop Cloth Curtains

May 1, 2019

Hello warmer weather! Spring is finally here in North Carolina, and we felt like it was the perfect time to do a bit of spring cleaning. What better way to freshen up your home then to replace your curtains with a lighter, brighter (& budget friendly) alternative.

Canvas drop cloth curtains quickly give your home a clean, farmhouse look. The durable, versatile material can be used indoors in bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms or outdoor on screened-in patios for extra privacy.

Not only are they less expensive, but they are quick and easy to make! Follow these simple steps to bring the warm spring light into your home.

how to make canvas drop cloth curtains

Step one: Gather Materials

• 6-ft x 9-ft Trimaco SuperTuff 8oz Canvas Dropcloth: We made our curtains with the 8oz painter’s drop cloths. However, if you want a thicker fabric explore our 10oz and 12oz options. If your windows are extra long, try the 10-ft x 12-ft drop cloth.
• 24 pack of curtain rings with clip
• Window with curtain rod (*make sure your curtain rings fit your curtain rod)
• Optional: Washer, Iron and Bleach

Step Two: Wash & Prep

There are quite a few different options to treat your drop cloths before beginning. Prior to assembly, we recommend washing your drop cloths (machine wash warm, tumble dry low). Additionally, you can iron the fabric for a crisp look (depending on your window treatment taste.)

Another great idea, is to bleach the drop cloths during the washing process. This is going to lighten the color, giving the fabric a white hue.

curtain steps

Step 3: Measure drop cloth

Once the drop cloths are dry, you’ll need to measure how long you’ll want your curtains to fall. With this in mind, take the access fabric and fold over the top so your desired height matches the drop cloth height. Don’t worry about the extra fabric, we love the look this gives the curtains.

Step 4: Fold fabric & Clip

After you decide on a height, clip the curtain rings along the folded edge. The fold give the illusion of a hemmed edge, without the extra work!
Space the clips out 9-12 inches apart. However, if you are using a larger drop cloth or a heavier weight, only space them apart by 6 inches for more support.

Step 5: Hang your drop cloth curtains

Finally, once the clip are in place simply slip the rings onto your curtain rod, and hang your drop cloth curtains into place. Want to change the curtain height? No problem! Just adjust the fold and repeat until your in love with your new curtain panels!

Tips we learned along the way

  1. Trimaco strives to cut and finish each drop cloth consistently. But let’s face it, we make A LOT of drop cloths. To ensure the hue of your curtains is the same, try to purchase two drop cloths from the same country of origin (label on packaging)
  2. Measure your window height as mentioned above, trust us your back and arms will thank you!

Do you have a unique canvas project of your own? Feel free to share your stories below!

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