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December 3, 2020

Giving your porch a makeover may sound easy, until you reach the railing. Deck spindles are one of the most tedious, and time consuming areas to paint for homeowners. Missing a spindle side, or uneven coats are common obstacles that can be frustrating. With the help of our step-by-step process, and a unique Trimaco product, cleaning up your wood deck can actually be quick and easy.

Step one: Clean your surfaces

Prior to painting, take the time to clean your surfaces. If you’re painting a deck, chances are there is quite a lot of dirt and grime from the outdoor elements. Powerwash and sweep your surfaces of these loose particles and dried paint to ensure paint adheres well. Sanding your surface will take care of any paint that is flaking off so your repaint job is smooth and clean.

Step two: Prep your space

Once the surfaces are clean, some prep work is required. Tape off any areas to avoid mistakes, and lay down a drop cloth. We recommend using Trimaco’s Stay Put Canvas Plus, especially if you are painting spindles along the stairs. The grippy backing will ensure the drop cloth will not move while painting.

Step three: Stabilize your deck railings

Make sure there are no loose spindles, or weathered gaps along your railing. Nail spindles back into place, and caulk any gaps between the spindle and railing. Gaps can result in rotted wood, which is a safety concern in multiple ways.

paint spindles

Step four: Paint your spindles

When your space is ready and your porch railing is safe, it’s time to paint! The easiest and most time effective way to paint deck spindles is with the help of Trimaco’s Painter’s Mitt. Skip the paintbrush and paint roller – these mitts are essentially gloves, and will keep your hand dry during the painting process. The unique design ensures an easy application: simply dip, wrap your hand around the spindle and pull down to cover the piece completely with paint.

  • SuperTuff Painter’s Mitt: designed with three layers for complete protection, this painter’s mitt is ideal for painting spindles with interior and exterior paints.
  • Pro Paint Mitt: If you are staining your porch or using an oil based paint, Trimaco’s Pro Paint Mitt is the ideal choice.

Both paint mitts are low linting, but for best results we recommend tumble drying them on low to remove any loose particles. Learn more about how to properly use a painter’s mitt, prior to use.

Step five: Paint your remaining surfaces and let dry

After your spindles are complete, paint the remaining surfaces of your deck. It’s best to paint the whole board all the way down, and 3-4 boards at a time to avoid seeing overlap. Make sure however, you work your way toward the stairs, to avoid getting painted into a corner! Once your porch rails, handrails and all your surfaces are painted to your liking, allow the paint to dry for 24 hours before either adding a sealer or walking on it.

Trimaco has your spindles covered. Literally!

Being a handyman and painting your porch doesn’t have to be a lengthy, tedious project. With the right preparations and tools, you can have a freshly painted porch in just a few hours. Explore Trimaco’s full line of wiping products, painting mitts and other jobsite protection materials.

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