How To / Benefits of using a painter’s mitt

April 11, 2019

What exactly is a painter’s mitt?

A painter’s mitt is a multi-layered, lined glove that provides protection while applying paint or stain in hard to reach areas or oddly shaped surfaces.

How does this benefit me?

Not all surfaces are created equal, nor are all surfaces easy to paint with traditional paint brushes. While painting, it’s inevitable that we run into one or more of these areas, such as railing, fences, columns, screens, pipes, ornamental baseboards, and staircase spindles. A painter’s mitt is an easy and quick paint applicator solution to cover those areas that saves time.

Multiple types of paint can be used with this time saving mitt, from traditional interior latex and oil-based paint to outdoor stain for decks. Whatever the job, the plastic liner will keep your hand dry and protected, and the mitt is easy to clean and dry.

How to use a painter’s mitt:

Follow these simple steps to ensure a seamless clean finish:

  1. Remove mitt from packaging and brush off any loose particles.
  2. For smaller jobs, we recommend wiping the surface off with a tack cloth prior to painting. This will remove all dust or debris, and ensure a smooth surface and clean finishing.
  3. Place mitt over hand (can be used for both left and right handed users).
  4. Dip painting mitt into paint or stain (do not dip mitt in paint deeper than cuff), and begin painting!
  5. When paint on the mitt begins to thin, simply repeat until job is complete.
  6. Once you’ve completed your job, rinse the remaining paint out of the mitt. Let dry and reuse when needed.

Not only is the painting and staining mitt great for application, it also has a few alternative uses. Some of the most common uses include faux finishing to create texture and depth, household cleaning and dusting, and washing cars.

Trimaco has you covered!

Trimaco offers a variety of painter’s mitts, each with their own unique features and benefits. Here are some of the more popular ways to use each individual paint applicator product:

  • SuperTuff Painter’s Mitt: The traditional painter’s mitt. This product offers three layers of protection, keeping your hand protected for the entire duration of your time painting. Made with synthetic material, it is not only great for painting, but cleaning and dusting as well!
  • Pro Paint Mitt: A higher quality painter’s mitt and lint free cloth, great for staining and oil based paints. This mitt is thick and absorbent but offers a lint-free finish perfect for any stain project. Great for painting deck railing, chairs and staircase spindles.
  • MicroFiber Interior Detailing Mitt: Looking for an easier way to detail your car that saves time? The Microfiber Interior detailing Mitt is the perfect solution for you! This mitt is non-linting and extremely absorbent and is safe on all interior surfaces including plastic, vinyl, leather and veneers.

Looking for additional wiping products? Trimaco has you covered! Check out our full line of wiping products.

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