Product Highlight / What is surface protection?

April 17, 2019

Do you have an upcoming renovation, remodel or DIY project that requires painting, using heavy tools, ladders and materials in your home? Are you lost on where to begin when it comes to protecting your space during the job? We’re here to help! Simply using a surface protector can prevent damage and help with easy cleanup.

Unfamiliar with what surface protection is? Surface protection (or temporary protection) is a layer of canvas, film, paper, and other materials used to protect hardwood floors, countertops, concrete, tile and more from damage on a jobsite. There are many different types available, with varying levels of protection and applications.

What should you consider before choosing a surface protector?

Ask yourself a few questions before beginning your project to determine which surface protector is best suited for your job.

  • What kind of job will you be doing?
  • What kind of materials will you be using?
  • Will there be heavy foot traffic?

With these questions in mind, continue reading to learn about the different types of surface protection products ideal for different job types!

Protective Films

Films are perfect for protecting carpet, hard surfaces and countertops from dirt, spills, stains and scratches. Adhesive is applied to the back of the film to adhere tightly to surfaces, but pulls up easily without transferring the adhesive.

Take Caution when using this type of product. Always read the label to determine how long to leave the film on the surface. Trimaco manufactures carpet, hard surface, HVAC and countertop protective films.


If you’re painting a room, a dropcloth is the way to go. Dropcloths are typically made from canvas, plastic sheeting or butyl. These surface protectors lay flat to protect against spills and leaks while painting.

Working on stairs or hardwoods? We suggest investing in a dropcloth with a slip-resistant backing for safety. You can even use them to drape over furniture to protect while painting! Once finished, simply fold up and store for later use.

Some of our unique dropcloths are:

  • Stay Put® Canvas Plus – This canvas dropcloth features a leakproof barrier and non-slip backing, making it a safe solution for protecting slippery floors and stairs.
  • One Tuff® – Lightweight and delicate, but provides superior leakproof protection. The top absorbs, while the bottom prevents leaks from seeping through.
  • Quick Drop – This leakproof, padded dropcloth is convenient for painting baseboards, doors, cabinets and other hard to reach spaces. Plus it’s easy to fold and a convenient size for quick jobs.


Paper surface protectors are a low cost solution to protecting stone, concrete, hardwood, countertops and other surfaces and can be used in many different situations. Trimaco offers a full range of papers in different thicknesses and sizes.

  • FloorShell® – FloorShell is heavy duty and the most durable of our paper floor protection products. FloorShell will provide breathable protection that protects against paint, mud and other liquids and is strong enough to drive a forklift over it.
  • X-Board Paint + Remodel – Painting, installing appliances, or using heavy tools and materials? X-Board is suitable for your job at about 2.5x the thickness of Builder’s Paper. It will stop leaks and spills from seeping through to your surface and is also breathable to allow floors to continue curing.
  • X-Paper – Will you have lots of foot traffic in your area or need minor spill protection? We suggest using X-Paper. It’s 1.5x the thickness of Builder’s Paper and is stronger and more durable. Spend less time applying and reapplying paper on the job.

To learn more about these surface protectors and other products that we offer, be sure to view our catalog.

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