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December 16, 2021

Reduce Lint and Fibers on the Job

Whether your job includes cleaning, staining or painting, your cleaning supplies should include rags and wiping cloths as an important (if not necessary) part of the job. For most jobs, it’s critical to have a rag that doesn’t leave behind pesky lint fibers that can harm your surface and create an uneven finish.

Cleaning wipes and microfiber cleaning cloths are a simple addition to every job type and make your finished product look better than if you used something like paper towels, kitchen towels, or cotton rags. Take it from us, using items that shed, like t-shirt rags or all-purpose cleaning towels, can really hurt how your finished project looks.

What to consider when choosing wiping rags

When looking for the best rag, it’s important to understand your needs and take a look at product details so you know that what you have can do the job.


Surface: First and foremost, consider what surfaces you are going to be using your rags on. Is it a smooth surface such as glass or stainless steel, or a rough piece of wood? Rags are woven and designed differently for different surfaces in order to eliminate linting. Understanding what your cloth will be used on will determine your best option.

Application: What is the purpose of the rag? If it’s just for cleaning, a traditional terry towel may do the trick. However, if the cloth is going to be used for wiping stains and wood staining, it’s critical to use a smooth, lint-free microfiber towel that will ensure a smooth finish.

Lifespan: Lastly, is it important for your crew to reuse these rags? Some options have a shorter lifespan, while others can be washed and reused multiple times!

*Cleaning cloths soaked with stains, linseed oil and/or solvents may spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded. Immediately place soaked cloth rags in a sealed, water-filled, metal container. Dispose of the cleaning rag in accordance with local fire regulations.

Lint Free Cloths from Trimaco

Trimaco offers a full line of rags and lint-free wipe. From traditional terry towels and recycled painter’s rags, to high-quality microfiber rags. Explore some of our most beloved lint-free options below!

  1. New Trimaco SuperTuff® Shop Rags: Trimaco’s newest addition to the family. The SuperTuff Shop Towels are a spunlace, cloth-like wiper made for the toughest jobs. These lint-free wipers are strong, super-absorbent and work well even when wet. Each rag measures 10” x 12” and is easy to transport with the help of the carry handle on the dispenser box.
  2. Wonder Rags®: These rags are truly wonderful. Trimaco’s Wonder Rags can be used for a variety of applications such as cleaning, painting, polishing and staining with a rag. Designed with a unique microfiber material, the lint-free wiper is super absorbent, streak-free and reusable! All rags are 14” x 17” and come in a convenient dispenser box.
  3. One Tuff® Absorbent Wipers: One of Trimaco’s most durable wipers, the One Tuff is designed with Sontara®. These lint-free rags are ideal for rough and uneven surfaces. A favorite in the automotive, manufacturing and marine industries. Although these are not washable, they are extremely absorbent and tough even when wet!

Total Jobsite Protection™

Regardless of your job type and application, skip the general cleaning rags and take the time to research and invest in a high-quality rag that won’t ruin your project. For more options and related items like tack cloths, explore Trimaco’s full line of rags and wipers!

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