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December 1, 2021

What is a flocked Christmas tree?

Ever wonder how some Christmas trees look like they belong in a snow-covered winter wonderland? Flocking your Christmas tree gives it the same effect. It refers to the process of painting your tree, displaying the illusion that it belongs in a snow-dusted, magical winter forest.

Have an old out-dated artificial tree that needs an update? A flocked tree is the perfect solution. Continue reading to learn how to flock your own Christmas tree without making a mess!

Step One: Gather Materials

  • Artificial Christmas tree
  • Faux paint snow- we used Santa Snow Spray
  • Surface Protection- we used Trimaco’s X•Paper® and secured it down with Trimaco’s Easy Mask® KleenEdge® PerfectEdge™ Tape
  • Plastic sheetings to cover any furniture, such as Trimaco’s Cling Cover®
  • Protective wear
  • Rags to wipe down your stand and any messes!

Step Two: Prep your space

Although the Santa Snow Spray says it produces no overspray, we noticed it does just a bit. We recommend putting down a drop cloth, or surface protection paper to ensure it doesn’t mess up your floor.

As an additional cautious step, we also threw some masking film over the couch, and put on coveralls to protect our clothes. Better safe than sorry!

Step Three: Clean your branches

If you’re working with an older tree that’s been in storage, we recommend cleaning off the branches to remove any dust particles. Use wet microfiber rag and lightly dust!

DIY Flocked Christmas Tree

Step Four: Flock it

It’s time to flock. Starting from the bottom, begin slowly and evenly spraying your tree. To give it the full “snow effect”, we sprayed at a downward angle and topped the edges off with additional spray. Make your way around and up the tree in a spiral pattern.

Step Five: Wipe down you stand

The Santa Snow Spray will most likely get on your metal stand. If this happens, don’t fret. Simply take a damp microfiber rag and wipe the artificial snow off.

Step Six: Let your tree dry

Once your tree is lightly dusted to your liking, make sure you let it dry before moving it. It’ll take roughly 2-3 hours for the spray to completely dry. Move your tree into place, and decorate!

Tips we learned along the way

  • Spray your tree close to where you plan on displaying it- since the Santa Snow Spray can flake off, we recommend spraying your tree where it will be for the season. This will prevent the spray from coming off, and it’ll avoid an additional mess!
  • Don’t worry about the lights! We were concerned that the flocking would mess up the lights that were already in place on the tree. The spray actually created a lovely, dull coating that really fit the tree’s vibe!
  • How to store your flocked Christmas tree- the Santa Now Spray will only last roughly 4 weeks- and then will begin to fall off. Store your tree in a box or bag, and re-flock it next year!

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