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January 13, 2022

Looking for a low-tack wiping solution that properly removes dust and dirt from your surface, but does not harm and strip your finish? Trimaco’s new Pro Blue Tack Cloth is the answer! Designed for delicate surfaces, this tack cloth is perfect for refinishing and use after a base coat, final coat, and clear coat.

What is a tack cloth used for?

A tack cloth, sometimes referred to as a tack rag, is a necessity in the painting industry. Professionals and home improvement enthusiasts use tack cloths to wipe down a surface, picking up any loose particles of dust prior to painting. If dust and dirt is not removed, it can create an uneven paint job.

However, a traditional tack cloth can be too sticky for some surfaces. When using a tack cloth in between coats, or on delicate surfaces, it’s important to use a low tack option to avoid stripping and harming the finish on the surface.

tack cloth

Where to use a Pro Blue Tack Cloth


When painting in the automotive industry, a car is subject to multiple coats. Using microfiber cloths, cotton rags, or cheesecloth are also not as effective as they often leave contaminants like sawdust or remnants of the painting process.When transitioning from the base coat to the final coat, professionals will use a tack cloth to attract and retain loose fibers. A low-tack, tack cloth is necessary in the automotive industry to avoid harming these coats. This Pro Blue Tack Cloth is safe to use with all types of paint and is gentle on delicate surfaces.


In the marine industry, a low-tack wiping option is necessary to avoid “fisheye” or cratering defects. Surfaces on a boat are delicate and should be handled with care and properly cleaned prior to any paint application to avoid these uneven looks. The new Pro Blue Tack Cloth is wax and silicone-free, and removes dust and dirt for better paint adhesion- ensuring a blemish-free, smooth finish.

Woodworking & Furniture

Dust and other fine particles are inevitable when working with wood and furniture, sanding dust being the most common culprit. The Pro Blue Tack Cloth has enough stickiness to remove loose debris but is delicate enough to not damage the surface by leaving residue behind. Designed with 100% cotton mesh and compatible with water-based paints.

How to use a Pro Tack Cloth

Similar to Trimaco’s traditional tack cloth, the Blue Pro Tack Cloth is easy to use.

  1. First, go ahead and remove any large particles from your surface with a damp microfiber.
  2. Next, open up your tack cloth and unfold the infused wiper. Although this is a low tack option, we recommend wearing gloves!
    Tip: If you decide to not use gloves and your hands are sticky after use, wash hands with rubbing alcohol and a damp cloth.
  3. Lightly wipe your surface prior to painting, to remove any dust, dirt, or loose particles. Do not use too much pressure and let the sticky resin do the work.
  4. Once your surface is clean, begin your paint job! After applying the base coat, make sure the surface is completely dry before reusing the tack cloth on your next coat.
  5. Once finished, safely dispose of your tack cloth. If it can be reused, simply store it in a closed jar or plastic bag to keep it from drying out.

Total Surface Protection

A tack cloth provides surface protection by attracting and removing fine particles to ensure a blemish-free finish. Trimaco’s new Pro Blue Tack Cloth is gentle enough for delicate surfaces but still gets the job done. Explore Trimaco’s full line of wiping products for total surface protection.

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