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August 20, 2021

Customer satisfaction and product innovation are two pillars of Trimaco’s mission statement. We take pride in understanding our customer’s needs within various industries. Your feedback and reviews of our products help fuel ideas for new product ideas. Explore some of the most recent reviews of some of our newer products.

Fall 2021

SuperTuff Tack Back

“I used this when we were doing a remodel of our kitchen. We had the new cabinets and countertops put in which led to replacing some tile. Not only did this make my wife feel better about them bringing in all of the tools but it did an amazing job protecting the tile come cleaning time. We have a wood grain tile that can be a pain to clean and the areas that were covered by the SuperTuff were super easy to clean. The only problem I had was not buying enough SuperTuff Tack Back!”

“The Trimaco SuperTuff Tack Back is perfect! The adhesive is strong and durable and it lasts a while. The effectiveness and thickness makes installing easy and quick. The quality is outstanding and the value is great. Tack Back is soft and easy to cut for any measurements you might have. Recommended to all my friends and family.”

safety goggles

Trimaco E-Z Clean Goggles

“I love Trimaco E-Z clean goggles. My favorite goggles, hands down! I really like the padding on the inside around the lens and nose, it makes these so comfortable to wear. I am amazed at how easy these are to clean. I have gotten paint overspray on these quite a few times and it wipes right off so easily.”

Cling Cover

“I have a small home that I have been remodeling. It’s almost all done and it was time to paint. This product made covering a variety of surfaces (mainly windows since the house has 18 windows) a breeze. When I was done, removal was fast and I could quickly move on to my next project.”

“This is a great product, does exactly what it claims and adheres to materials. It also collects dust, which clings to it nicely. Was easy to pull out of the box and cut. Easy to unfold and was the right size for what I needed.”

Easy Mask Premium Masking Film

“This is the easiest way to cover things that you don’t want dry paint aerosols from landing on. The film attracts the aired dried paint overspray and keeps it stuck to itself. Trimaco Masking Film is top notch!”

Summer 2021

Aqua Shield

Aqua Shield® Non-FR Surface Protection

“This surface protection material is excellent. I’ve used it for a few small projects and it does an excellent job of keeping my customer’s floors clean and protected. It’s thick so it doesn’t tear easily. It lays flat and is textured to help prevent slips and falls. It cuts well with a utility knife and I think the best part is how well it holds up so it can actually be reused. I just sweep it off and roll it back up. If it’s gotten real messy I take a hose to it and lay it out to dry before rolling it up.”

“This is a great non-slip and waterproof surface protectant. We use it to cover pre-finished hardwood floors and tile on new home construction as it works much better than the cardboard paper that is typically used. This product is so durable that we re-use it several times for different job sites which makes it cost effective as well.”

DuPont™ Tyvek® 500 High Visibility Coveralls

“This is a great product if you’re in the field of electrical work. You can be seen while working in a panel or if you’re down in the trenches. I got my new uniform for work thanks to this product. It keeps me safe from the day hazards and people can see me while at work. All around great products.”

“I got this a few weeks ago for a construction project in Louisiana. Tyvek made a great product here with a lightweight, high visibility coverall. It’s a very dusty site where I work and the suite keeps all those elements off me.”

ProPerfect™ Wipers

“I’ve been using my ProPerfect Wipers in my woodworking shop for a few days now and I love them! They work great for staining, painting, dusting, and just about anything you need a shop towel for. The fact that they are 100% cotton makes them so versatile. They work great inside the home too for dust rags!”

Spring 2021

Trimaco E-Z Up® Dust Containment Pole Kit

“These E-Z Up Dust Containment Poles by Trimaco are really nice and very easy to use. They set up easily and can adjust to multiple heights and angles to get a snug, sealed fit. They collapse to a nice size and have a well made storage bag that helps make them very portable. I recommend these for anyone doing any kind of project or remodeling that you want to keep the mess kept to one room.”

“I’m doing some remodeling in my house so I wanted something to contain the dust. This dust containment pole kit works great. It comes with four adjustable poles, two peel and stick zippers, and a convenient carrying bag. It is very easy to use. You just put the plastic sheeting, you have to buy separately, over the poles and adjust them to ceiling height. The zippers make it easy to get in and out. No fuss, no mess.”

Trimaco Wonder Rags®

“I guess I never thought much about the pros and cons of rags before – to me, there were dirty rags and there were clean rags, and that was all that mattered. The Wonder Rag has changed all that! This is an amazing product that beats paper towels and old tee shirts hands down, for so many reasons. They don’t fall apart, they can be washed and reused, they help prevent streaking, they don’t scratch surfaces and they are lint free. Favorite use so far – cleaning the inside of my car’s windshield. I have never been able to get that clean and, especially, streak free – until now. Extremely absorbent, and usable wet or dry, this is a totally versatile product that I will use forever!”

DuPont™ Tyvek® 400 Dual Comfort Coveralls with Hood

“These work really great when painting cars. They fit very well. I like that they aren’t overly thick so I don’t get hot. They are easy to move around in. I can bend and squat and they don’t get tight or bunch up.”

Aqua Shield Spray Booth

Trimaco Aqua Shield® Spray Booth

“Trimaco’s Aqua Shield Spray Booth is strong and durable when used as a floor and dust protector for any paint operations or construction needs. It keeps everything pristine and can be reused for another operation.”

“It was super easy to roll out and cut with a utility knife. My paint booth isn’t really large so I was able to cover most of the floor with one roll. I sealed the seams with the Aqua Seam tape. It held up from all my walking back and forth and my equipment traveling back over it. Of course it got dirty but when I was done I was able to spray it down with a garden hose and it didn’t look too bad. I’m going to be able to use it again. It is a really nice product that can be re-used.”

Trimaco Aqua Shield® Seam Tape

“We used this tape in conjunction with the Trimaco Aqua Shield surface protector in our tear down room at our paint and body shop, and it worked great! The protector stayed put and we noticed no leaking through at all. Would definitely recommend it.”

“This is a great tape for my spray booth setup. It provides a true air tight and water tight seal to prevent dust, overspray and moisture and other contaminants from entering the spray area. When used with conjunction with the mylar sheets it provides the ideal environment for spraying. A true “clean” room that helps foster a perfect spray job. The tape seems to be very durable, great tackiness. Should last a very long time. Very satisfied.”

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“I love using stay put on the stairs. It holds just enough to stop from sliding.” @fantumkarpets -The Stay Put Surface Protector is a padded floor protector with a slip resistant tacky backing. This protective floor mat provides ideal construction floor protection, and is great for high-end hardwood floors, vinyl, tile, marble and stairs.The Stay Put Surface Protector is breathable to allow surfaces to continue curing, yet waterproof to block spills from the surface. It’s even re-positional and reusable, with no risk of residue being left behind on the surface. Temporary floor protection rolls are easy to work with and requires no taping! ... See MoreSee Less
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