Self Adhering Masking Film – Premium and Standard grade

Masking Film for Painting

Easy Mask® Masking Film makes painting easier, cleaner and faster. Premium film is treated with a unique formula that attracts paint overspray and also reduces flaking to allow for multiple uses during painting jobs. This temporary wall protection film is available in various sizes that is ideal for baseboards, cabinets, windows and large areas.

To use, simply unroll the masking film, place or lay over the surface that needs protecting, then use a simple painters tape or masking tape to keep in place. To decrease prep time, use with a masking device, such as Trimaco’s Easy Mask’s® QM5000 PRO™.

Looking for an even faster solution? Check out Trimaco’s pre taped masking film.

  • Works great with tape applicators/maskers
  • Clings to surfaces for easy application
  • Lets light in when used on windows

Premium Grade Masking Film

4446012144″ x 60′ (3.66m x 18.29m)
472901272″ x 90′ (1.83m x 27.43m)
499901299″ x 90′ (2.51m x 27.43m)
424801224″ x 180′ (0.61m x 54.86m)
448801248″ x 180′ (1.22m x 54.86m)

Standard Grade Masking Film

672901272″ x 90′ (1.83m x 27.43m)
699901299″ x 90′ (2.51m x 27.43m)
6108912108″ x 90′ (2.74m x 27.43m)
624801224″ x 180′ (0.61m x 54.86m)
648801248″ x 180′ (1.22m x 54.86)

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