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January 11, 2019

Leftover dropcloths? Not in the painting industry? Looking for a simple DIY project? We’ve got you covered! Canvas dropcloths are an easy, cost effective and multi-functional material to use for a wide variety of projects other than painting purposes. Because of its airy, linen-like feel and neutral color, you can simply use as is, or use as a base for a colorful design indoors and outdoors. The possibilities are endless! Read ahead for some of our favorite DIY projects using our dropcloths:

  • Furniture Coverings:

    Have a chair, bench, or other piece of furniture you’ve been dying to re-cover? Why not use a classic, textured and neutral- toned canvas drop cloth! Measure and cut the durable drop cloth, stretch and cover your desired cushion. Pin and enjoy!

  • Drop Cloth Curtains:

    1. Simply choose your desired curtain size and type of drop cloth (we recommend a 6’x9’ or 9’x12’ canvas drop cloth).
    2. Wash and dry the fabric.
    3. Hem and shorten if needed.
    4. Attach your curtain rod clips evenly across the top, and thread onto rod.
    5. Hang and enjoy!
    • Photo or stage backdrops:

      Whatever the occasion, leave bare or design your backdrop however you please. Hang your masterpiece and enjoy for photoshoots or stage backgrounds.

    • Painting Canvas:

      1. Measure, and cut four pieces of wood to make your desired size canvas, and glue or nail together.
      2. Cut chip board and glue onto the wood frame.
      3. Snip, stretch and apply canvas drop cloth to the chip board. Let dry.
      4. Paint away!
      • Area rugs:

        Area rugs can be so expensive, so why not create your own? Simply use fabric paint and Trimco’s Stay Put Canvas Plus drop cloth (with Surface Grip, for no-slip protection) to design and coordinate with your room’s decor. You can customize the materials to match your room’s decor as well protect your floor with a heavy duty drop cloth. For clean, straight lines consider using one of our many masking tapes.

      • Whether your DIY projects are decorative, functional, or both, professional painters drop cloths are quality materials for any project. Take a look at Trimaco’s canvas drop cloths and other supplies today!

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Tired of applying and reapplying Builder's and Rosin paper? X-Paper is the solution you're looking for. Watch our n…

  • Tired of applying and reapplying Builder’s and Rosin paper? X-Paper is the solution you’re looking for. Check out our newest video to learn more!

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