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It’s easy to think that all you need during the moving process is boxes or a moving company. However, protecting surfaces, your furniture and other property, and even your walls while moving can help prevent damage and reduce the risk of additional costs. Trimaco makes products that can be used by both homeowners and moving services during the packing and moving process.

When you are stocking up on packing supplies, be sure to grab products that will help protect the corners of your furniture, carpets, and other personal belongings during the move. We want to make sure that you enjoy unpacking in your new home and don’t spend your time repairing broken items or filing claims.


For floors, we recommend using a heavy duty board product so you don’t scratch them with moving equipment or furniture movement. Try to avoid dragging furniture. If it is a heavy item, use hand trucks and add additional protection by placing a drop cloth underneath the piece of furniture.

If your space has carpet, carpet film is a great option to keep mud, dust and other airborne particles from damaging your floor. In addition (no matter the surface type), place a door mat in front of your home to keep tracking to a minimum.


It’s easy for furniture to get dinged up in the moving process. To prevent this and give yourself peace of mind, simply use strech wrap or drape a canvas drop cloth or moving blankets over it to help prevent scratches and dings. If you have household items or fragile items other than furniture, bubble wrap is a great protector.

Walls and Doors

Walls can be tough to protect. However, Trimaco offers a heavy duty adhesive surface protector that can be used for vertical surfaces. We recommend testing Trimaco’s Tack Back before use, and never leave the product on a surface for more than 60 days.

In addition to walls, door jambs are also difficult to protect. Be sure to simply slide on a jamb protector to avoid dings and scratches to your jamb as you go in and out with a moving dolly.

Trimaco & the moving industry

Explore Trimaco’s full product catalog for more information on all of our products and these quick tips to prepare for your upcoming move. We are adding innovative new products all the time. Movers and homeowners alike prefer our floor protection products to prevent scratching wood floors. Whether you are moving boxes or hiring full-service professional movers, let Trimaco be part of your protection plan in your new home. Moving soon? Check out some of the industry’s most popular Trimaco products below:

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