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The construction industry includes a wide range of job types. There are four major types of construction projects including commercial, residential, industrial and infrastructure. Trimaco provides construction site protection solutions such as surface protection, dust containment systems and PPE to keep personnel safe on the job.

Residential Construction

Residential construction is something we typically see on a daily basis. This sector includes the construction of homes, neighborhoods, remodeling or any other project dealing with a resident’s address. Trimaco offers high-quality floor protection paper, such as rosin paper.

Commercial Construction

Commercial construction sites include a wide range of projects, including work on office buildings, retail spaces, manufacturing facilities, medical centers and more. Similar to residential construction, Trimaco offers solutions for jobsite protection that include temporary floor protection and personal protection products that help people for the duration of the job.

Industrial Construction

This area of construction is a bit more niche than residential and commercial. These construction projects typically require a higher level of expertise and training.

What’s the difference between industrial and commercial construction? Industrial construction includes the design, planning and building of large factories, manufacturing plants and power plants. Since these projects are more specialized, Trimaco has a refined list of protection products that are relevant to these jobs, but are just as important, including specialty coveralls and slip-resistant floor protectors.

Infrastructure Construction

Civil engineering companies primarily manage these types of jobs. From the construction of roads and bridges to large scale pipelines and railways, these projects provide us with an organized system that is needed to live our everyday lives.

Similar to industrial, these are large scale, yet specialized, construction jobs. Trimaco offers construction site protection products such as specialty coveralls, protection products, and other PPE that are necessary on the jobsite.

Trimaco & the Construction industry

Trimaco products are heavy duty and can protect people working on construction sites. Whether the jobsite needs water resistant and flame retardant floor protection, non-slip shoe covers, or self-adhesive protection films – Trimaco is your one-stop shop for construction site protection. Explore some of Trimaco’s most popular construction products:

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