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  • Heavy Duty E-Z Up Poles

    Heavy Duty E-Z Up™ Dust Containment Pole

    Use poles with plastic sheeting to create a temporary wall for blocking dust.

  • Peel and Stick Zipper

    Peel + Stick Zipper

    Create an instant doorway in and out of the work space with our zipper and plastic sheeting.

  • Pole Bag

    E-Z Up™ Pole Bag

    Carry up to 4 containment poles in our heavy duty bag with reinforced zipper and straps.

  • Dust Door Kit

    E-Z Up™ Dust Containment Door Kit

    Create an instant door with our unique C-shape zipper, allowing for quick access in and out of the jobsite.

  • double sided tape

    E-Z Up™ Double-Sided Tape

    Our double-sided tape provides a tight seal with plastic sheeting and features release paper for easy application.

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