Aqua Shield® Flame Retardant Surface Protection

Aqua Shield® Surface Protector provides flame retardant surface protection. The durable Masonite alternative is leak proof and slip resistant. The heavy duty roll comes in multiple thicknesses and protects all types of surfaces during the manufacturing, building and repair processes. The dust-free surface protector is ideal for healthcare facilities and large construction jobs. Quick and easy installation dramatically cuts labor cost – no more bulky Masonite. Up to 40 mil thickness for maximum strength against forklifts and scissor lifts. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Up to 40 mil thickness – forklift and scissor lift strong!
  • Leakproof—ideal for indoor or outdoor projects
  • Quick and easy to install, dramatically cutting labor costs—the 6′ wide 25 mil product is equivalent to 33 sheets of Masonite or other 4′ x 8′ board products
  • Made in the USA
  • Provides dust-free protection-ideal for healthcare
  • Flame Retardant—tested and certified to NFPA-701 Test Method 2

Aqua Shield® Surface Protector

8701510 mil136″ x 15′
8710010 mil136″ x 100′
8701010 mil136″ x 393′
8910610 mil172″ x 393′
8918625 mil136″ x 186′
8918025 mil172″ x 180′
8912040 mil136″ x 120′
8914040 mil172″ x 120′

Aqua Shield Seam Tape

870901672mm x 55m (2.83″ x 180′ –
use as 3″)

For temporary use only. Trimaco is not responsible for adhesion issues. Test prior to use. Consult with flooring and/or finish manufacturer to determine if this product is suitable to use prior to curing. Do not use where product cannot be firmly secured to surface. In no event will Trimaco’s aggregate liability exceed the amount paid for this product.

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#TBT X-Board protecting the floor in the DEWALT booth at the Gypsum Management and Supply Expo in Charlotte, NC! ... See MoreSee Less

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#TBT X-Board protecting the floor in the DEWALT booth at the Gypsum Management and Supply Expo in Charlotte, NC!

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  • @jake_hinckley_realtor took the plunge and swapped his blue shoe covers for the E-Z Floor Guard! ・・・
As a Realtor I’m always having to put those very un-stylish hospital covers on my shoes to protect the floors in the homes I show. First time I’ve come across this nifty contraption. It’s called the @trimaco_inc EZ Floor Guard. Love it so much I’m thinking about getting one and having my kids use it every time they come in the house.😏 #Trimaco #TrimacoFloorGuard #FloorProtection #LifeOfARealtor #Realtor #UtahRealtor #UtahRealEstate #HomeTour #ProtectYourFloors #ShoeGuard #UtahRealty #RealEstate

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