Automotive Masking Paper

Trimaco has a wide variety of automotive paint masking paper options. Read below to see what automotive paint masking paper is best suited for your paint body job. Automotive masking paper is can also be used within the marine industry, for total jobsite protection™.

Poly-Gold Plastic Coated Masking Paper

Paper with a coating that never delaminates, great for wet sanding.

55 METERS (180.44′)

1760612147mm (6″)
1761212293mm (12″)
1761812440mm (18″)

225 METER (738′)

175066147mm (6″)
175123293mm (12″)
175182440mm (18″)
175361880mm (36″)

White Masking Paper

Paper prevents bleed through. Great for wet sanding, priming and finishing.

55 METERS (180.44′)

1250612147mm (6″)
1251212293mm (12″)
1251812440mm (18″)

225 METERS (738′)

124066147mm (6″)
124123293mm (12″)
124182440mm (18″)
124361880mm (36″)

Poly-blue Coated Masking Paper

Newsprint paper with a laminate.

55 METERS (180.44′)

1820612147mm (6″)
1821212293mm (12″)
1821812440mm (18″)

225 METERS (738′)

180066147mm (6″)
180123293mm (12″)
180182440mm (18″)
180361880mm (36″)

300 METERS (984′)

183066147mm (6″)
183123293mm (12″)
183182440mm (18″)
183361880mm (36″)

Green 30# Masking Paper

30lb paper is great for priming.

55 METERS (180.44′)

1310612147mm (6″)
1311212293mm (12″)
1311812440mm (18″)

225 METERS (738′)

137066147mm (6″)
137123293mm (12″)
137182440mm (18″)
137361880mm (36″)

300 METERS (984′)

130066147mm (6″)
130123293mm (12″)
130182440mm (18″)
130361880mm (36″)

Green 35# Masking Paper

35lb paper is great for applying primer and the finish coat.

150 METERS (492′)

136066147mm (6″)
136123293mm (12″)
136182440mm (18″)
136361880mm (36″)

Green 40# Masking Paper

40lb paper is great for applying primer and the finish coat.

125 METERS (410.1′)

144066147mm (6″)
144123293mm (12″)
144182440mm (18″)
144361880mm (36″)

165 METERS (541.34′)

140066147mm (6″)
140123293mm (12″)
140182440mm (18″)
140361880mm (36″)

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