Products / Heavy Duty Surface Protection

  • heavy duty construction board

    FloorShell™ Temporary Surface Protection

    Heavy duty construction board featuring liquid repellent technology.

  • Lightweight Surface Protection

    X•Board Surface Protector

    The lightweight, but tough alternative for surface protection.

  • flooring protection paper

    X•Paper Flooring Protection

    Trimaco’s X•Paper is Builder’s Paper on steroids!

  • Heavy Duty Surface Protector

    SuperTuff™ Heavy Duty Surface Protector

    Heavy duty, absorbent, slip resistant protection for floors and counters.

  • Padded surface protection

    Stay Put™ Surface Protector

    Padded protection with a slip resistant tacky backing great for stairs.

  • delicate surface protection

    One Tuff™ Floor Protector

    Provides maximum liquid protection against paint, stain, mud and more.

  • Fire retardant surface protection

    Aqua Shield™ Fire Retardant Surface Protection

    Fire retardant, leakproof, slip resistant and dust free surface protection.

  • Learn

    Corrugated Plastic

    Lightweight, impact resistant protection used for covering surfaces.

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  • Covering stone or tile with temporary surface protection during a build or renovation is the ultimate way to make sure no damage is done to beautiful floors in the process. #TrimacoTipTuesday

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