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February 11, 2021

Noise is any loud, unpleasant or undesired sound that compromises the privacy of a room. We all experience some sort of noise in our daily activities, whether it’s a loud garbage truck outside, an active neighbor on the floor above you, or even music or television in your own home. Noise is inevitable in the world we live in today; however, there are ways to reduce both airborne and impact noises around us with a variety sound blocking materials.

Noise barrier basics

Noise barriers are obstacles used to reduce the transmission of sound waves through a stiff barrier. From simple options such as a door, soundproof curtains, or portable dividers, to more intricate building materials such as noise reduction insulation, carpets, acoustic foam and mass loaded POE products for walls, ceilings, and floors.

As a best practice for sound control, individual barriers don’t manage and eliminate sound transmission. The entire assembly, design, and sound dampening components of a room will ultimately help in reducing noise.

NEW dB4 acoustic sound absorbing underlayment

In the design and building stages of residential or commercial buildings, it’s important to take sound reduction materials into consideration. They are a necessity to any home or office building to ensure a calm, quiet, and peaceful space.

Similar to the dB3 line of sound abatement materials for walls, dB4 is a safe and high performing underlay sound barrier that absorbs sounds and vibrations. dB4 is specifically designed to be used as a floor underlayment, and can be installed under most flooring types such as hardwoods, carpets and laminate finished flooring. Similar to the db3 application, install this subfloor product under carpet or hardwood flooring during the building process.

dB4 Lite vs. dB4 Max

dB4 sound abatement underlayments are easy to install, puncture resistant, environmentally safe and are impermeable, making them a moisture barrier. There are two dB4 floor soundproofing options to consider when soundproofing a room or space.

dB4 Lite Acoustic Floor Underlayment

  • The lighter option is designed with a 7-layer polyethylene film attached to a polyester fiber isolation layer
  • Soundproofing materials significantly reduces impact vibrations with impact insulation class materials
  • Use under finished floor materials such a hardwoods, laminate and carpets
  • Great for bedrooms, home theaters, conference rooms, multi family living units, and residential and commercial construction projects

dB4 Max Acoustic Floor Underlayment

  • The heavier alternative is designed with a POE barrier layer attached to a polyester fiber
  • Not only will this underlayment block airborne sounds, it will also reduce structural vibrations
  • Use under finished floor materials such a hardwoods, laminate, carpets and LVT (only 5mm or greater)
  • Ideal for hotels, multi family living units, conference rooms, and commercial and residential construction project

How to block sound between rooms, floors and ceilings

Carpeting, or installing individual barriers isn’t usually enough to damper the noise. To completely block any amount of sound between rooms, floors and ceilings, you can depend on the dB line to soundproof your space. Trimaco has teamed up with United Plastics to provide soundproof flooring products, assisting with the entire assembly and components needed to reduce noise. Our dB3, dB Top stop and dB4 sound absorption products provide noise barrier confidence for any residential or commercial space. Explore our full line of sound blocking materials!

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