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March 4, 2021

Although hardwood floors continue to be a more common flooring option, carpet is still prevalent in most residential and commercial spaces. Carpet flooring creates a cozy, warm atmosphere at a budget friendly price. In addition, carpet is a noise absorber and therefore reduces the sounds of footsteps, voices and more.

Carpet however, is not easy to clean if paint, mud or dust settle into or stain the surface. It is critical to properly prepare and protect your surfaces prior to any construction work, paint jobs or heavy foot traffic.

Three carpet foes

Before jumping into how to protect carpet, it’s important to know what you are up against. Regardless if it is a large scale construction project or just a small painting project, accidents are bound to happen. The three culprits that cause the most damage to carpets are spills, dirt and dust.

Spills: Woven fiber materials do not repel liquids. In fact, they quickly absorb into the surface and can then create eye-wrenching stains.

Dirt: Tracking in dirt is inevitable, and hard to control. Regardless if it’s a group of construction workers or just your canine companion, dirt is going to make its way inside the crevices of the woven fibers of your carpets.

Dust: Dust is composed of natural airborne particles such as dirt, pollen and fibers. In addition, silica and wood dust can settle into carpet when construction work is being done. Similar to dirt, dust can easily make its way into your carpet.

5 Products to prevent carpet damage

Preventing these three carpet foes will help protect your carpet, and increase its lifespan. Explore the following products that can help prevent damage during construction.

Slip Resistant Drop Cloths

  1. Carpet film: The obvious choice. Carpet protection film can be used as a temporary carpet protector for any type of job. Self-adhesive plastic protective film for carpets is a durable choice that protects against liquid spills and paint. In addition, it’s durable and puncture resistant, making this a great option for high traffic areas. We recommend only leaving carpet film down for 30 days. Do not apply surface film on newly laid carpets, wet carpets, wool carpets or hard surfaces.
  2. Drop Cloths: In addition to carpet film, drop cloths are another great temporary floor protection option. Trimaco’s Stay Put® Canvas Plus is a great option that provides leak resistance from spills. A traditional painter’s canvas drop cloth will suffice for protection against dirt and dust.
  3. Dirt Trapper®: What’s the best way to prevent dirt from settling into or staining your carpet fibers? Don’t let it inside in the first place! When placed at the entrance of your jobsite, this built-in sticky mat removes dirt and particles from shoes and carts from the start.
  4. Shoe Covers: Another great way to prevent dirty shoes from tracking in mud, dirt and dust. Shoe covers are an easy and cost effective PPE product to protect the floors (plus your shoes!)
  5. Dust Containment systems: If silica and wood dust become airborne on your jobsite, it will settle into new carpets. The best way to prevent construction site dust and allergens is to keep it contained with the help of a temporary dust containment system. Temporary dust partitions provide dust containment and surface protection, as well as help maintain proper air quality. Vacuuming the carpet afterwards will ensure a clean carpet.

Routine care to protect your carpets

In addition to protecting your carpeting during construction, creating routines to care for your floor can help combat the inevitable daily wear and tear. Easy routine care and prevention can extend the life of your carpet. Some common practices include, but are not limited to:

  • Removing shoes when walking in the front door
  • Cleaning carpets regularly
  • Have professional carpet cleaner clean the floors once a year
  • Rearranging furniture to avoid carpet conforming

Trimaco has your carpets covered, literally

Carpet is still a prevalent flooring option in residential homes, and commercial spaces. Proper preparation and protection during construction projects, along with frequent care, will prevent damage, avoiding costly mistakes and increasing the life of your floors. Explore more of Trimaco’s surface protection products and PPE to protect all of your surfaces!

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