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February 19, 2020

Noise consists of any unwanted sound that is loud, unpleasant, and disruptive to everyday life. We all encounter noise. It’s inevitable, uncontrollable and just obnoxious. But what if you could manage noise? What if there was a simple sound control step in the construction process that would soundproof residential or commercial wall and ceiling spaces? As always, Trimaco has you covered!

Trimaco has teamed up with United Plastics to bring our customers a line of reliable sound control materials. These easy to install sound barrier products are specifically for walls and ceilings to decrease high sound energy levels.

New United Plastics dB3 Absorptive barriers for walls and ceilings

From lightweight to heavy-duty options, United Plastics’ dB line of products help create quiet, calming and comfortable spaces. dB’s tough, sound absorptive materials are better than equivalent loaded vinyl products, and works with both new or existing construction projects.

We now distribute a range of solutions including dB3, dB3 Lite, dB3 Max and dB3 Top Stop.

dB3 For Walls

United Plastics’ dB3 heavyweight noise barrier is used behind finished walls to block and damp noise across the sound spectrum. This mass loaded barrier works by reducing noise for most residential, commercial and industrial applications for spaces such as multi-family residential buildings, commercial office spaces and home movie theaters. The environmentally safe material works by absorbing sounds such as voices, music and television to create a quiet and comfortable space.

Easy to install rolls can be attached to wood studs, heavy-gauge metal framing, pipe, and duct wraps. Great for blocking sound in home theaters, recording studios and more!

  • Available in 4’x25’ rolls or 4’x8’ and 4’x10’ sheets
  • Effective as pipe and duct wrap
  • Approved for use in 1-hour fire-rated assemblies
  • Resists mold and mildew to improve overall air quality

dB3 Lite For Walls

This specially formulated lightweight dB3 material is tough, flexible and performs better than mass loaded vinyl materials. Ideal for residential or commercial use to block everyday noises to ensure a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Easy to install rolls are lightweight and works with new and existing construction on both wood or metal frames. When applied to light gauge metal framing, the flexible material achieves high STC ratings at the lowest cost.

  • Available in lightweight 4’x25’ rolls
  • Best STC performance at the lowest cost for metal framing projects.
  • Approved for use in 1-hour fire-rated assemblies
  • Resists mold and mildew to improve overall air quality

dB3 Max For Walls

Similar to dB3 and dB3 Lite, this heavyweight option includes an attached polyester fiber layer. The acoustic and impact isolator offers robust soundproofing performance and is a popular option for contractors and architects.

The 5mm thick material is also an ideal option for retrofit installations. dB3 Max can be used on top of the existing drywall and recovered. Our heavy-duty sound control panel is versatile and works with residential, commercial and industrial applications.

  • Available in 4’x25’ rolls or 4’x10’ sheets
  • Designed for applications needing sound blocking and vibration isolation
  • Resists mold and mildew to improve overall air quality

noise barrier chart

dB3 Top Stop for Ceilings

dB3 Top Stop blocks noise specifically in areas with drop ceiling tiles. The fire-rated material eliminates voice and activity noise in adjacent, suspended ceiling rooms.

Easy to install sheets are precut, versatile and environmentally friendly. To use, simply lift one side of the acoustic ceiling tile and slide the Top Stop sheet into place. Noise barrier sheets works with new or existing construction where mineral fiber or metal ceilings tiles are present. Ideal for office spaces, medical exam rooms, hotels, and other privacy-protected areas.

  • Available in 2’x2 and 2’x4’ precut sheets
  • Designed for new or existing construction
  • Includes fire-resistant backer for additional protection

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