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February 3, 2021

As hardwood floors, vinyl and even tile become more popular flooring options, products used to protect these floors during construction continue to evolve. Non-slip drop cloths, speciality slip-resistant surface protectors and grippy shoe covers have entered the market in order to meet the needs of the ever changing flooring landscape.

Why is Slip-Resistant important?

Slip-resistant floor protectors and drop cloths not only protect all surfaces like floors and countertops from spills, dirt and grime, but they are also used to ensure the safety of workers. Slipping and falling is one of the most common construction site safety risks, but it is also the easiest to prevent. Reduce the risk with a non-slip drop cloth and floor protectors.

Trimaco offers a full line of slip-resistant protective cloths with different levels of protection for all types of jobs and surfaces. Continue reading to determine which slip-resistant drop cloth is right for you and your job!

Slip Resistant Drop Cloths

Stay Put® Canvas Plus

Love your traditional canvas fabric drop cloths? We understand! Canvas drop cloths are a staple in the painting industry, and they have truly stood the test of time. Easily elevate your canvas drop cloths with Trimaco’s Stay Put Canvas Plus drop cloth.

This slip-resistant drop cloth features all the beloved aspects of traditional canvas drops, but also includes two more protective leak proof and slip resistant layers.

  • Top layer: Absorbent canvas layer helps reduce tracking
  • Middle layer: Plastic layer prevents spills from seeping through, which could potentially harm or stain your surface.
  • Bottom layer: Grippy backing keeps the canvas drop cloth in place, preventing slips and falls. This backing makes the Stay Put Canvas Plus 300% more slip-resistant than a traditional 8oz canvas drop cloth and offers you durability on the job.

The Stay Put Canvas Plus is an ideal choice for any residential or commercial painting job. Although not machine washable, this paint drop cloth can be used time and time again by simply spot cleaning any spills.


Looking for a heavy duty, slip-resistant butyl safety drop cloth? The Trimaco Eliminator is the best option for you! Made from crack-resistant butyl (or rubberized material), this drop cloth is extremely leak-resistant and slip-resistant. The Eliminator is 20% more drapable than a traditional 10oz canvas drop, making it a great option to drape over and protect furniture or elevated surfaces. It also easily conforms and stays put in oddly shaped spaces such as stairs.

Although not washable, this butyl drop cloth will last for the duration of your job, and longer! Ideal for both residential and commercial jobs. Warning

One Tuff®

Trimaco’s One Tuff® Drop Cloth is designed with a durable, blue fabric top and a specially engineered PE film back. The unique backing keeps this lightweight drop cloth from slipping and sliding on the job. The One Tuff is leak resistant, absorbent and highly resistant to tears and punctures.

Great for plastering, staining, painting or any other interior construction projects!

Slip Resistant Drop Cloths

NEW Smart Grip®

The newest drop cloth on the block! Not to be confused with the Smart Grip Canvas, this drop cloth is a lighter alternative made from a non-woven fabric. Don’t let the lightweight material fool you, the Smart Grip is durable for most paint paint jobs, absorbent and still provides leak and slip resistant protection.

The absorbent top layer protects surfaces from paint, dust and dirt while the grippy backing provides ease of mind when working on hard, slippery surfaces. This white drop cloth is great for light paint work, DIY and remodeling projects. Proudly made in the USA!

Stay Put® Vinyl

Plastic drop cloths are an economical choice to protect surfaces and furniture during light paint work or dusty renovations. The Stay Put Vinyl Drop provides the same level of protection, but features a textured, slip-resistant technology keeping it in place for the duration of your job. This slip-resistant, vinyl drop is durable, drapable and will cling to the surfaces it protects.

Protect your floors & yourself

Drop cloths provide protection, keeping surfaces safe from spills, dirt and dust, but make sure to invest in a drop that also protects you. Slipping and falling is one of the most common accidents on a jobsite in the United States, but is also one of the easiest to prevent. Compare all of Trimaco’s slip-resistant drop cloths, surface protectors and slip resistant shoe covers.

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