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October 29, 2018

When you’re on the worksite, you know protective gear is necessary—and often required—but you might not realize what’s really at stake: your eyes, lungs and skin, not to mention your body and feet. Protect yourself with the right clothing, safety glasses, and work boots, so you can focus on the task at hand.

Do you have the personal protective work wear you need? A few products to consider:


Choose from six different kinds of protective coveralls. Trimaco offers three coveralls backed by Dupont® technology:

  • Dupont® Tyvek™ Professional Protective Coveralls: When you need comfortable all-day protection to cover a variety of situations. Made of a durable, low-static and low linting-material, this suit blocks liquids and airborne particles. Perfect for: All-purpose painting, including solvent-based paints. Lead and asbestos abatement and removal.
  • Dupont® Tyvek™ Breathable Dual Coveralls offer two different components on each side of the suit. The front is heavy-duty for protection against abrasive materials and paint while the back is breathable to allow for comfort. Perfect for: Utility and maintenance work, boat manufacturing, glass work and remediation; basically, anywhere you only need frontal protection and great for warm environments.
  • Yellow Dupont® Tychem™ QC PE-Coated Coveralls offer 30-minute protection from more than 40 chemicals. Polyethylene-coated, you’ll get excellent protection in a flexible and lightweight suit. Using with masks and gloves prevents cross contamination of materials in a variety of industries, and the bright yellow color provides high visibility. Perfect for: pulp and paper, food and chemical processing, pharmaceutical industries.

Air-Purifying Respirators and Masks:

  • SuperTuff® Professional Dust Masks protect against fiberglass dust, sawdust, lawn and garden dust and pollen. Perfect for: Protection from non-toxic particles.
  • NIOSH-approved N-100 respirator filter 99.97 percent of airborne particles free from oil (not suitable for gases or vapors). Perfect for: painting and maintenance work.
  • These are just a few of Trimaco’s most asked-about personal protective gear items and garments, but Trimaco’s got you covered with additional options. Check out our entire line of coveralls, paint spray suits and hoods, shoe and boot covers, and more at; click on “Protective Wear” to see the full line of products.

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See how the Insta-Pocket works in our newest video!

  • Wear protective coveralls all day? Tired of not being able to easily access your phone? No more unzipping your coverall or cutting slits in them to get to your pocket. Introducing the Trimaco Insta-Pocket. This clear plastic coverall pocket easily adheres to the outside of any coverall. Simply pull off the paper backing and stick. There’s even a watertight zipper to keep your phone secure. Bonus, the plastic is clear, and your touch screen works without removing your phone. So, go ahead and answer that call or text. Or not. Learn more in the link in our bio!

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