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November 3, 2022

Prevent Messy Paint Edges

We know you understand the importance of surface protection. But as steady as your hand may be, it’s important to protect those fine edges on the job. One minor slip, and you risk staining or harming surfaces that are not intended to be painted. Time is money on the job, don’t waste it covering up preventable mistakes.

Surface protection for edges is simply the preparation and protection of surfaces such as door frames, baseboard trims, window treatments, wall molding, and more. To achieve clean, crisp lines, these surfaces need to be protected. How so? Trimaco is here to help!

5 Products from Trimaco for Perfect Edges and Paint Lines

Trimaco offers a full line of surface protection products from heavy-duty board and dust containment enclosures to sundries and PPE. No matter the job, we’ve got you and your surfaces covered. When it comes to clean lines on the job, this is one detail customers will notice. Be cautious and prepare those edges for crisp, perfect lines. We’ve compiled a list of 5 paint trim guard products that can help you achieve just that.

1. Painter’s Tape

Paint tape is an absolute must for any type of paint job. Painter’s Tape can act as a paint trim guard for trim baseboards and windows – or can keep other protective products secure and in place. Trimaco offers traditional Blue Painter’s Tape and Low Tack Masking Tape for more delicate surfaces.

masking paper

2. Masking Paper

Just like masking tape, masking paper can be used along baseboards, trim doors, and even windows while painting. Masking paper can be used with most hand masking along with painter’s tape for a quick and easy installation. Brown masking paper is great for protecting against water-based paints, while green masking paper is ideal for water and oil-based paints.

3. Masking Protection Film

A step up from masking paper, masking film provides leak-resistant protection. Masking film clings to almost any surface, attracts overspray, and reduces flaking, allowing for multiple uses throughout the duration of your paint job. Masking film can also be used with masking tape and a hand masker. Or Trimaco offers a pre-taped alternative that is quick and easy to install.

spray shield

4. Spray Shield

Need to do a quick touch-up but don’t need full protection from masking products? Trimaco’s cardboard spray shield acts as a quick, temporary shield against overspray. This spray shield helps create clean edges along trim, doors, and windows.

5. Rag and Painter’s Towels

As much as we prepare and protect our surfaces on the job, accidents on our painting projects are bound to happen. Make sure you have a dependable towel on hand to quickly wipe away any mistakes. Trimaco’s Wonder Rags are a painter’s favorite. The absorbent rags are lint-free, so they won’t leave behind any fuzz when wiping away a mistake.

We’ve got you covered with High-Quality Painting Protection

Trimaco has you and your edges covered. Literally. Keep your edges clean and take time to prep and protect surfaces with drop cloths. Explore Trimaco’s full line of surface protection products, for total jobsite protection.

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