Applications / Construction Dust Containment Hacks for Efficiency

March 20, 2024

What is Dust Containment?

Dust containment during construction refers to methods that minimize the spread of dust particles that construction activities create. Contractors use various solutions such as poles, plastic sheeting, and zippers to help contain dust in a workspace. This prep work and discipline helps create a cleaner, safer work environment and protect sensitive areas from dust contamination.

4 Tips for Construction Dust Containment Efficiency

1. Smart Barrier Placement

Don’t use plastic sheeting throughout the entire construction site. Instead, focus on enclosing the specific work area where dust will be created. This minimizes the material needed, simplifies set up, and saves time.

dust containment entryway

2. Entryway selection

Some contractors just slice open the plastic sheeting to create an entryway. This defeats the purpose of a dust containment system. The plastic cannot close, and this increases the risk of dust particles spreading throughout the entire jobsite.

We recommend utilizing a zipper system to create an instant dust containment doorway. A zipper door stays closed until you are ready to enter or exit, keeping dust contained.

  • Traditional adhesive zippers are easy to install and can withstand negative air pressure during restoration jobs.
  • Magnetic zippers are ideal when time is of the essence. These zippers increase productivity by 3X, allowing workers to enter and exit the job site hands free.
  • Door kits are also available and come preassembled. Zippers are attached to plastic sheeting that can protect most standard doorways, making set up a breeze.

3. Quick Set Up

When it comes to construction projects, time is money. Every minute spent on setting up dust containment measures counts. To help make set-up more effective, pre-cut your plastic sheeting based to size before setting up your containment area.

Additionally, keep a supply of high-quality tapes and adhesives specifically designed for dust containment on hand. These products adhere quickly and securely to various surfaces, ensuring a tight seal without the need for extensive application time.

4. Post-job clean-up (or lack thereof)

Post-job clean-up does not always receive the attention it deserves. If clean-up is overlooked, it can lead to lingering dust and debris. This can pose health risks and create an unprofessional appearance.

Dust containment systems can prevent the spread of most dust. However, it is not fool proof. Be prepared to wipe down surfaces post-job to ensure customer satisfaction.

Dust Containment Protection with Trimaco

In the demanding world of construction, where deadlines loom and efficiency is expected, Trimaco is always here to help. From innovative products like sheeting poles and zipper doors, to high-quality tapes and kits, Trimaco provides the pros with the tools they need.

Equipped with these tips and the right tools for the job, you can effectively control dust and maintain a clean, safe work environment. Explore Trimaco’s full line of construction dust containment solutions today.

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