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November 17, 2022

Surface protection products come in all shapes, sizes and materials in the construction industry. One area in particular that can cause many headaches, is the staircase.

It’s hard enough that a staircase is an obscure shape, making it difficult to find a flexible, yet tough temporary construction floor protector to cover the stair treads and risers. But because stairs are typically a high traffic area, it’s critical to prioritize stair safety to avoid common construction site risks, such as slipping and falling.

When it comes to choosing the right temporary stair protector, consider scenarios that can potentially create unnecessary hazards on the job site.

  • Are the stairs a high traffic area?
  • What materials will be used on or around the stairs?
  • What is the duration of the job?
  • Are your stairs hardwoods or carpet?

How to Protect Carpeted Stairs

Once you’ve considered all possible hazards, explore different construction stair protection options that are designed for carpet. Carpet flooring can be slippery and dangerous during construction. Additionally, any spills, dirt or dust exposed to carpeted surfaces can be absorbed and therefore difficult to clean—costing you time cleaning and money on repairs.

Stair Protector Film

Carpet protection film with strong adhesive backing is a long-lasting, residue-free solution that lasts up to 30 days. Durable, temporary carpet protection films are resistant to punctures, tears and leaks making them great for high traffic areas.

In addition to easy installation, cleaning up is a breeze. When your job is complete, simply peel the carpet film up and discard.

drop cloth on stairs

Slip-Resistant Canvas Drop Cloths

Not all stair areas need long term protection. For simple paint touch-ups, a slip resistant drop cloth will do the trick. It’s important to choose a runner that has a slip resistant backing and leak resistant top to avoid falls and carpet stains.

Trimaco’s Stay Put Canvas Plus and Eliminator are great stair protection drop cloths. These slip resistant options feature orange thread stitching to indicate their slip resistant features on the jobsite. When in doubt, look for the orange thread!

How to Protect Hardwood Stairs

Hardwood floors continue to be the more popular flooring choice these days. Over the past few years, homeowners are ditching the carpet and refinishing their traditional hardwoods.

Slip Resistant, Padded Protection

Because wood floors are solid but easily damaged, impact and slip resistance is crucial when choosing a floor and stair protector during construction and home improvement projects.

  1. Stay Put Surface Protector: Trimaco’s Stay Put Surface Protector is an impact resistant, leak resistant, repositionable option. Designed with a tacky backing and leak absorbent top, Stay Put is an excellent choice for stairs.
  2. Tack Back: Similar to Stay Put, Tack Back is designed with an adhesive backing. The sticky film can be used on horizontal or vertical surfaces, is extremely durable and can easily conform to the stair shape.

Non-Slip Canvas Drop Cloths (again!)

Non-slip canvas drop cloths are also great for hardwood stairs. Slip-resistant drop cloths are particularly great for hardwoods because they easily conform to the stair shape and stay in place. Get with the grip, and look for the orange thread for slip resistant safety!

builders paper on stairs

Builder’s Paper & Lightweight Board Products

When impact resistance isn’t a necessity, lightweight board products, red rosin paper, or traditional builder’s paper are great options to prevent damage from dirt, dust and paint spills.

It’s important to securely tape paper products down to avoid movement when walking up or down the stairs. We recommend using a dependable painter’s tape that will keep the product in place and will not harm the finish. The reliable self-adhesive tape can also be used to protect stair nosing and any existing handrails. If the floor protection paper does become wet, be sure to replace it to avoid damage and additional safety hazards.

Don’t Skimp on Stair Safety

Be sure to take the time to properly prep and protect any staircases on the job. This includes riser protection and stair tread protection. In addition to carpet or hardwood protectors, consider wearing non-skid shoe covers. Shoe guards will help decrease tracking throughout the job site, and provide additional traction when traveling up and down any stairs.

Stairs can be a tricky thing when it comes to construction protection. With the right construction stair protection products you can reduce stair safety risks, and avoid costly repairs and setbacks. Be sure to explore Trimaco’s catalog and full line of surface protection products for total job site protection.

Stair protection venn diagram

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