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June 2, 2022

Surface and floor protection during construction is critical to preserve surfaces, ultimately saving time and money. It’s a no-brainer when there is a threat of dirt, grime, mud, paint, and dust—but how do you protect from the day to day wear and tear of high-traffic areas?

Floor protection products are a great way to protect hard surfaces such as hardwood floors, laminate floors, and more. Floor protectors help prevent damage to hard floors and more flooring surfaces.

There are a range of areas that encounter constant traffic on the jobsite. Entryways, hallways, stairs and door jambs are just a few. When considering surface protection, it’s important to understand the risk of high-traffic areas and the products that can help reduce damage to the work area and protect floors.

Entryway Surface Protection

Reduce the potential threat of dust and dirt being tracked into your job by placing a construction sticky mat or utilizing Trimaco’s E-Z Floor Guards®. Prevent damage by offering a solution before it even becomes a problem.

  • Dirt Trapper: The Dirt Trapper is a construction sticky mat that pulls dirt and dust off a worker’s shoes, prior to entering the jobsite. Place the sticky mat at the entryway, leaving the mess behind you. Ideal for dust containment projects, remodeling and clean rooms.
  • E–Z Floor Guards: The E-Z Floor Guards are an economical alternative to shoe covers. This system simply works by placing an self-adhesive film on the bottom of shoes prior to entering a jobsite. Need to run back outside? No problem! Multiple layers of the adhesive film can be reapplied to the bottom of a worker’s shoe.

stair protection

Stair Protection

When working on various stories, the stairs can become a high traffic area on the jobsite. Not only is it important to protect this surface from damage, but by utilizing a surface protector, it can also create a safer, slip resistant working surface.

  • Stay Put® Surface Protector: The Stay Put Surface Protector is a high-quality slip resistant option that stays where you place it. The tacky backing conforms to a variety of surfaces, while the top layer protects against spills, dirt and dust.
  • Stay Put® Canvas Plus Dropcloth: The Stay Put Canvas Plus is a super absorbent, slip resistant, reusable drop cloth. It can be safely used on the stairs and easily repositioned if needed. The Stay Put Canvas Plus is designed with orange thread around the edges to help indicate its slip resistant capabilities.

Door Jamb Protection

When entering and exiting a space, it’s easy to ding and damage door jambs with tools, carts and ladders. Door jamb damages can be costly and can potentially destroy the functionality of a door. Utilize door jamb and wall guard protection to avoid expensive mistakes. Door jambs protectors are designed with heavy cardboard and simply wrap around the door jamb. This surface protector is ideal for both interior and exterior use, and fits most standard size doors.

carpet film

Hallway and Surface Protection in High-Traffic Areas

Corridors and hallways are inevitably going to receive heavy foot traffic, regardless of the job type. No matter the flooring type, it’s critical to protect your surfaces from tracking in dust, dirt and paint.

  • Easy Mask® Carpet Film: Carpet film is an economical, quick floor protection film used to protect carpeted hallways and surfaces. Trimaco’s Carpet Film is durable and highly resistant to punctures, making it great for high traffic areas. Surface protection films are an efficient way to keep your job clean and can be easily removed when the job is done.
  • SuperTuff® Tack Back: This durable, leak resistant temporary floor covering can stand up to heavy equipment and foot traffic for days. Designed with a tacky backing, Tack Back will stay where you place it. It also is a great walk off mat alternative, helping reduce tracking paint, dirt and dust into a job.
  • X-Board® Paint + Remodel: X-Board is a temporary floor protection that can be used throughout the entire jobsite. This heavy duty, breathable surface protection board is lightweight yet durable enough to stand up to consistent traffic. Designed with our exclusive Spill Block® technology, X-board is leak resistant to mud, paint and other spills.

Total Jobsite Protection™ for High-Traffic Areas

High traffic areas can be found throughout an entire jobsite. Prevent damage from consistent traffic with a variety of surface protectors. From sticky mats, to door jambs and surface protectors, Trimaco has surface protection products covered, literally.

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