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April 27, 2022

What is a Paint Washout Station?

After a paint job, it’s important to properly wash your equipment to avoid damage. A paint washout system provides an easy and environmentally friendly option to wash out brushes, rollers and paint trays.

In addition to creating a space to wash equipment, washout stations contain the harmful wastewater. Paint waste should never be disposed of outside or in storm drains, as the toxic mixture can pollute streams and creeks.

Trimaco EnviroWash System & Accessories

Trimaco’s EnviroWash provides not only a paint washout station, but paint treatment capabilities as well. This water-based system turns paint washout from brushes and rollers into clean water and inert solid waste for a safe and environmentally friendly disposal. Below includes the two washout system options and the necessary parts to keep your systems working properly.

EnviroWash ES800P: Designed for large commercial construction sites, this 200-gallon paint washout station is ideal for teams of 5 or more. The ES800P features a built-in pallet and a large wash area.

EnviroWash ES160P: Ideal for smaller paint crews (1-2 man operations), the ES160P can hold up to 40 gallons of water and is easily transportable.

Starter + Finisher Set: The starter additive is added to the paint washout once brushes and rollers are rinsed in the washout area. The finisher is then added to begin the flocculation process. Keep reading to learn more on how to use the EnviroWash system!

Sludge Bag Filter: The sludge filter bags catch the paint sludge after the flocculation process. Using the sludge outlet valve, a user can pump the sludge into the filter bag. For best results, pre-soak your filter bags in water prior to use.

Clean Water Filter: This filter simply filters out the separated water for disposal.

How to Use the EnviroWash System

  1. Wash paint brushes, rollers and trays with the attached hose. It’s important to note that paint should never be poured into the paint washout system as a disposal option. The treatment system can only handle washout from equipment.
  2. After washing is complete, remove the sink and stir the unit contents.
  3. Next, add the starter additive and stir for 30 seconds (the ES160P calls for 200 grams, and the ES800 uses 1000 grams)
  4. Once the starter additive has dissolved, add the finisher additive and stir for an additional 30 seconds (ESP160P uses 150 grams, and the ES800 uses 750 grams) Leave for one minute, and re-stir.
  5. Next, the flocculation process will begin, separating the paint from the water. Settlement time is between 1 and 6 hours. *Best results are achieved if allowed to set overnight.
  6. Using the clean water outlet, discharge the clean water. Dispose of in a grassy area or recycle for another application.
  7. Lastly, pump out the sludge using the sludge outlet valve into the sludge filter bags. Allow the filter to drain completely and remove sludge from the filter bag. Let the sludge dry and dispose of as non-hazardous solid waste.

Benefits of a Paint Washout System

Paint washout systems and treatment units have a wide range of benefits that save time, money and are environmentally friendly on the job site.

  • Provides a safe area on the jobsite to clean brushes and rollers
  • Paint washout systems contain paint water waste
  • Trimaco’s EnviroWash System provides a safe and environmentally safe way to dispose of paint washout
  • The EnviroWash uses flocculation to clean and separate the paint washout water. The solid paint can then be disposed of responsibly. (Proper clean up is a legal requirement by the EPA)
  • Safer disposal of paint washout water protects the environment and our natural resources
  • System provides an easy, fast and clean way to wash out brushes
  • Treatment time is quick and easy, with no mess

EnviroSolutions EnviroWash Environmental Impact

The Envirosolutions EnviroWash system is a paint washout station that not only cleans paint brushes and rollers but also treats the water for safe and environmentally friendly disposal. This system uses flocculation to clean and separate the paint washout water, allowing the solid paint to be disposed of responsibly.

Environmental impact: The EnviroWash system has a positive environmental impact as it contains and treats the water for safe disposal, rather than allowing the paint washout water to run off into storm drains and eventually into our waterways. This system also reduces the amount of hazardous waste that is sent to landfills.

Negative Impact of Traditional Paint Waste Disposal Methods

Traditional paint waste disposal methods, such as pouring paint down the drain or into storm drains, can hurt the environment. The paint washout water can pollute our waterways and damage delicate ecosystems.

Invest in a Paint Washout System

Investing in a paint washout system is important for both professional painters and do-it-yourselfers. Not only will you comply with the law, but you’ll also be doing your part to protect the environment. EnviroWash systems are easy to use, and they save time and money in the long run. Paint washout systems are an investment that will pay for itself many times over.

Don’t miss Trimaco’s full line of paint filtration products, from paint strainer bags to cone paint strainers and 5 gallon bucket paint strainers.

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