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June 22, 2018

Choosing the best protection for your job

Different projects require different construction site protection products. It’s tempting to use whatever’s on hand for every project, but that kind of oversight only leads to damage and headaches.

It’s all in the preparation. Sure, it takes a little longer when you prep carefully, but then you’re ready to work with confidence. Check out our cheat sheet below.

What construction site protection products to use and when:

Masking papers:

Great to have on hand for all jobs requiring painting, stain and lacquer – particularly trim work and walls. Trimaco’s Easy Mask® Masking Paper is perfect for protecting trim around doors and windows from spray, spills and drips. Brown General Purpose Masking Paper is ideal for water-based materials like latex, plaster and drywall. Finally, if you’re looking for better hold out, try Green Premium Masking Paper. Ideal for both water and oil-based lacquers and acrylics—a paper that can truly be used for multiple projects across jobsites.

Protective films:

Films are perfect for carpet protection, floor protection, and protection for counter tops, windows and stairs. The self-adhesive qualities of Trimaco’s films stay in place and protect surfaces from dust, dirt, water, stains, punctures and impact. Consider CX3® Self-Adhering Surface Protective Film Technology and Easy Mask® Hard Surface Protector Film. There are also films available specifically for carpet, windows, and HVAC units, but these general-purpose films are a great place to start.

Surface Protection:

When you need forklift and scissor lift-strong, you’ll regret settling for inferior products. Trimaco’s FloorShell® Heavy Duty Surface Protection, available in different lengths, offers construction board protection with liquid-repellent technology, protecting surfaces from equipment dents, dropped items, spills, stains, water, you name it. If you’re looking for maximum absorbency that’s slip resistant, consider SuperTuff™ Heavy Duty Absorbent Surface Protector. And if you’re working in an environment that requires protection from fire, the Aqua Shield® Flame Retardant Surface Protection is tested and certified NFPA-701 Test Method 2. It’s also leakproof and slip-resistant.


There are several options here—from a standard canvas dropcloth, offering sturdy protection for multiple sites, to a vinyl dropcloth that is leakproof and slip-resistant, mitigating potential injury and damage from spills. Two of our favorites include: the Stay Put® Canvas Plus—300 times more slip-resistant than canvas, and the Rubber-Duckie™ Butyl-Coated Backed Dropcloth that is completely leak resistant. Both dropcloth options work well for paint protection.

Get what you need before the job starts; Trimaco’s got you covered no matter where you’re working or what you’re working on. Questions? Call us at 1-833-655-2215 or click on our chat icon on

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“I love using stay put on the stairs. It holds just enough to stop from sliding.” @fantumkarpets -The Stay Put Surface Protector is a padded floor protector with a slip resistant tacky backing. This protective floor mat provides ideal construction floor protection, and is great for high-end hardwood floors, vinyl, tile, marble and stairs.The Stay Put Surface Protector is breathable to allow surfaces to continue curing, yet waterproof to block spills from the surface. It’s even re-positional and reusable, with no risk of residue being left behind on the surface. Temporary floor protection rolls are easy to work with and requires no taping! ... See MoreSee Less
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