Testimonials / Customer Testimonials: 2022

October 10, 2022

At Trimaco, we take pride in our product innovation process. We listen to the needs of our customers, and provide products that’s solve problems on the jobsite. Explore some of our favorite customer testimonials and reviews, from some of our most beloved and new products.

Summer 2022

Tack Back

SuperTuff Tack Back works excellent as an underlayment or fatigue/traction mat. I am building a RV camper out of an old ambulance and needed something for the hard floor. This tuff back works great for that. Allowing for a softer floor, easy cleanup and doesn’t get nasty like a carpet would. I would definitely recommend this product for many uses and especially to anyone looking for a fatigue/traction mat. It comes in varied sizes and price points and works just as it should.”

“This worked great to protect the floor of our drive in basement when we needed to bring some equipment in to do some repairs. It has a felt like texture that is just thick enough to offer protection to the surface below it.”

Shop Towels

“These towels are very convenient and come out of the box perfectly. They are a heavy duty towel and perfect for cleaning up messes around the house as well as completing repairs. They absorbent but still soft enough to use on your body. A great product for disposable towels.”

“Trimaco’s Shop Towels have an easy to carry handle box design. Comfortable and durable. Super absorbent, strong wet or dry . Works absolutely perfect for any garage project, home improvement paint job, or simply cleaning your windows. Highly recommend it.”

Easy Mask Premium Masking Film

I have learned the hard way that not all masking film is created equal. Thankfully after trial and error with different ones I came across Trimaco premium masking film. This masking film works better than any I have ever tried. I have found the painting to be easier faster and just all around an easier job.”

“This is the easiest way to cover things that you don’t want dry paint aerosols from landing on. The film attracts the aired dried paint overspray and keeps it stuck to itself. Trimaco Masking Film is top notch!”


“This paper feels more like a thin piece of cardboard or poster board than “paper”. It seems extremely durable and hard to tear, which is great for high traffic areas. The roll itself is pretty heavy, but that makes sense considering the sturdy product!”

“I have had X-paper covering my hardwood floor in my craft room for over a month. Since I am a painter I needed something easy to use but very protective and the X-paper worked superbly. It rolled out easily, cut like regular paper, and stuck like glue with contractor tape. I’ve moved almost 20 wood furniture pieces in and out and not one tear-And I’ve slopped quite a bit of chalk paint around and absolutely no seeping through the X-paper onto my hardwood floor. If I need to replace it I will use X-paper again, it’s truly wonderful.”

Spring 2022

painters pants

Painter’s Pants

“These painter’s pants saved my clothes when I painted my walls. I’ve never used any covering for my clothes, and now I’m not going to paint without clothing protection. The fit is comfortable and allows me to move with ease. When walking and painting, the paint brush drips and the brushes tips used to ruin my clothes. Now, I don’t have to worry a bit, and I can be comfortable knowing that my pants are going to be mess free while I’m painting. These painter pants are a lifesaver and I wouldn’t paint without them!”

“I thought these were going to be pretty novelty, like, just use old pants when painting if you don’t have dedicated painter’s pants. But, they’re really good. I was wearing shorts, and didn’t want paint on me. They’re nice and breathable, and pretty decently light weight.”

“Trimaco’s Pull Over Pants are the answer! These reusable painter’s pants block overspray, dirt dust and other airborne particles. Designed with a hammer loop, and two front pockets, two back pockets, one wider rule pocket and one tool pocket- these protective pants have plenty of storage. The Pants are made with a lightweight, polyester material, making these great for all types of paint jobs. My husband is a painter and having these types of pants are very useful and are very convenient.”

DuPont™ Tyvek® Coveralls

“This product works great and helped me on a recent job that had a lot of bad chemicals around me and insulation as well. Didn’t feel anything on me after taking it off so it did protect me really well and didn’t get any on my skin.”

Easy Mask® Brown Rosin Paper

“The brown rosin paper from Trimaco worked exactly how it should. I like how it stays where you place it with a little tape and the clean up is easy. Lay it out, paint above it, the drips stay on it and roll it up when you’re done.”

“I really like this brown rosin paper. I am in the middle of a kitchen renovation and I put this paper down on the path out to the door. It has protected my floor and made it really easy to clean up. I just roll it back up and recycle it.”

tack cloth

SuperTuff® Blue Tack Cloth

“The quality of this tack cloth is amazing. It is durable and made with awesome workmanship. I use it to wipe off my granite countertops. One thing I know for sure is that it won’t harm any of my surfaces while cleaning off the surfaces I have.”

“Love this little blue tack cloth! Perfect for small jobs! I got this while redoing some old picture frames. I used the tack cloth before painting and they turned out perfect! I highly recommend the little blue tack cloth!”

Smart Grip® Drop Cloth

“​​Love this drop cloth! I use it for everything from painting to floor protection during construction. This drop cloth is very well made and also has a plastic film backing that keeps spills from going through it. It stays in place once you put it down or on furniture and does not slip when walking on. Very good drop cloth!”

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Whether you enjoy installing floor protection or removing it at the end of a renovation thanks for choosing X Board 👏👏


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Learn how to stain wood properly by checking out our latest blog post at the link here: https://trimaco.com/blog/how-to-stain-wood-using-cloth-wipers/


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