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October 31, 2018

Halloween is here! It’s all good with the candy and costumes, but don’t bring the scariness into the workplace when you’re painting.

Keep it lean and clean no matter the time of the year when it comes to painting preparation. Here are five things not to do when you’re beginning a painting project.


Forgo taping: We know. You’re a professional; you have a steady hand. Of course you do. And taping ceiling and trim with masking tape takes time. But taping the job beforehand will make the actual painting go much faster, giving you a consistent look and preventing the occasional slip of hand. Plus, it makes a great impression on your clients, showing them you’re a conscientious and dedicated professional. And, don’t forget floor coverings for surface protection in case of paint splatters! Try: Stay Put® Dropcloths (canvas and slip-resistant) and Kleenedge® Masking Tapes (PerfectEdge® and low tack).

Paint over dirt: It’s tempting, especially if you’re short on time—or maybe you think it won’t matter if you’re using a paint primer with anti-mold and -mildew components. Not true. Your surface and whether it’s clean or not dictates the paint’s ability to adhere to it. You’re not going to want to take that call a year later to hear about peeling paint, are you? Poor outcomes reflects poorly on you. Make sure to take a damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris to create a smooth surface prior to your painting project.

Neglect your paint homework: Nearly three-quarters of U.S. homes built before 1978 contain lead paint either inside or outside. Before you’re ready to paint and start preparing walls for painting, stripping paint, power-washing or anything else, it’s a good idea know what you’re working with. Nothing’s worth risking your health.

Skimp on rags and wipers: You know this! But a little reminder never hurts. Hopefully, you’re investing in the best wipers on the market, much like a surgeon only uses the best instruments. Cheap wipers (or excessively dirty ones) leave behind grime and fibers that affect the surface you’re painting. Replace these regularly! Try: Old School® Premium T-Shirt cotton wipers and SuperTuff® Microfiber Towels.

Be careless by not straining your paint: Think you haven’t got time for straining your paint? You know you’re risking clogging your sprayers and putting inferior paint on the walls, complete with impurities that can add a grainy or uneven texture. Reliable straining bags with professional-grade mesh and filters can be a live-saver. Try: SuperTuff® Polyester Bag Paint & Stain Strainer and EZ-Strainer Paint & Stain Strainer.

Save the scary stuff for Halloween and remember paint prep is key. Check out more products at to ensure the best jobsite protection.

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