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October 20, 2022

What is a Corner Guard?

Whether you are protecting your corners during a large scale construction project or just from everyday wear and tear, corner guards provide quick yet effective protection. A corner guard is simply a surface protector that is molded to a 90 degree angle for easy installation on a corner.

Corner guards are designed to protect a corner from scrapes, dents and damages. The easy to install protectors come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Ranging from heavy duty stainless steel corner guards, popular amongst the commercial and industrial industries, to flexible plastic corner guards, common in the residential space, protecting corners, curved surfaces, and even furniture.

Corner Protection from Trimaco

Trimaco offers three different types of corner guards, to help meet your specific needs on the job.

Corner guard

Clear Plastic Corner Guards

  • Self Stick Corner Guards: Trimaco’s Self Stick Corner Guards are designed with clear, hard plastic. The material has been molded to a 90-degree angle for easy installation. Self Stick corner guards feature a release paper which can easily be removed, relieving the sticky adhesive. Available in 4-foot and 8-foot options.
  • Nail on Corner Guards: Looking for something a bit more permanent? Although designed with the same hard plastic material, Trimaco’s Nail on Corner Guards come with specially designed screw/nails, which can be easily drilled into the plastic protector. Nail-on corner guards are ideal for commercial projects. Also available in 4-foot and 8-foot options.

flexible corner guard

New Flexible corner guards

The newest addition to the wall corner guard family. Trimaco’s New Flexible corner Guards are durable, long lasting and provide the ultimate impact protection. The versatile material can be used not only on corners, but round surfaces and furniture as well. Rubber corner guards are clear in color and measure 8-feet in height.

How to Install Corner Guards

  1. Clean your surface: First and foremost, if you are applying a corner guard that features an adhesive backing, clean your surface. The adhesive will not stick properly if dust or dirt is present.
  2. How high should you install your corner guard? Depending on your job type will ultimately determine how high or low you want to install your corner guard. If you plan on moving low standing furniture or equipment, lower is better to reduce the risk of damages. If high traffic is a risk, ensuring the corner guard is installed at shoulder height should be considered.
  3. Install:
    • Self-Stick Corner Guards: Trimaco’s Self-Stick Corner Guards and Flexible Corner Guards are quick and easy to install. After cleaning your surface, remove the release paper from the plastic. Slowly adhere the wall corner guard to your desired height and press firmly into place.
    • Nail-on Corner Guards: Nail-On Corner Guards should be installed with a hammer. To install, hold the corner guard in place, and nail in the screw/nails to secure. We recommend spacing out the nails roughly one foot from each other, alternating between the sides of the corner guard.

How to cut plastic corner guards

Although Trimaco offers the hard plastic corner guards in 4-foot and 8-foot options, sometimes a more specific height may be needed. To cut the hard plastic, we recommend using a sharp knife or saw. Flexible, plastic corner guards can simply be cut with a pair of scissors.

Total corner & wall protection

Corner guards provide protection in high impact areas. Avoid costly scratches, dings, smudges and other damages with the help of a Trimaco corner guard. Interested in other surface protectors for walls? Explore Triamco’s Tack Back and masking film for total wall and corner protection!

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