Blog / Canvas Vs. Plastic Drop Cloths For Painting Projects – Which is Better?

October 3, 2022

What are Painter’s Drop Cloths Made of?

We wish this was a simple answer. Drop cloths come in a wide range of materials and sizes as the painting industry has evolved. From traditional canvas and simple plastic options, the industry has seen these two materials incorporate more features such as heavy-duty materials, slip-resistant backings, and leak-resistant layers.

In addition to the traditional plastic and canvas drop cloth choices, it’s typical to see options made from lightweight canvas fabrics and papers with unique film backings.

How to Choose the right drop cloth for your job

When it comes to choosing the right type of drop cloth, there are a few things that should be considered. We’ve outlined some common questions you should ask yourself when shopping for a canvas or plastic drop.

What type of paint job will you be doing?

First and foremost, what type of work will you be doing? Does your job require painting and staining? If so, a leak-resistant drop cloth is going to best protect your surface from paint spills. If dust and dirt are the only risks on the job, a lightweight paper or plastic drop cloth will suffice since it will be easy and efficient to drape over your work area.

Where will the drop cloth be used?

This question is important because it will help you determine what size drop cloth you need. Most drops come in a few variations such as 4×12, 9×12, 12×15, and 6×8. Runners are great for hallways and stairs, while the larger size drops are ideal for big rooms. The smaller 6×8 sizes are great to throw down for quick touch-ups or for projects like protecting your countertops when painting cabinets.

What type of surface will the drop cloth be protecting?

Lastly, consider where on the job your drop is going to be used. If you are protecting a hard surface or stairs, consider using a surface protector that features a slip-resistant backing. Slipping and falling are one of the most common job site risks, and can be easily avoidable with a slip-resistant drop cloth.

If you intend to protect furniture or shrubbery with a drop cloth, plastic drop cloths are a great and cost-effective way to protect these surfaces.

drop cloth on stairs

Canvas Drop Cloths from Trimaco

Trimaco offers two variations of canvas drops. Traditional canvas drop cloths are available in 6, 8, 10, and 12-ounce options. Tried and true, canvas drop cloths are great for most painting and staining projects, will absorb small paint drips, and reduce tracking. They are washable and reusable making them cost effective.

Elevate your traditional canvas with Trimaco’s Stay Put Canvas Plus. This specialty drop cloth is designed with three layers: an absorbent canvas top, a leak-resistant plastic center, and slip-resistant backing. The Stay Put Canvas Plus is 300% more slip resistant than a traditional 8oz canvas drop, reducing the risk of slipping on hard surfaces and stairs. To highlight this feature we’ve added orange stitching to indicate its slip-resistant capabilities.

drop cloth on stairs

Plastic Drop Cloths from Trimaco

Similar to canvas, Trimaco offers a few different plastic drop cloth options ranging from a 0.4mil to a 4mil thickness. Economical and leak-resistant, these drops are great for light paint work, furniture, and shrubbery protection and can even be used for dust containment enclosures.

Looking to step up your plastic drop cloth? Explore Trimaco’s Stay Put Vinyl. This vinyl drop is 31% more slip resistant than the traditional plastic drops, and is designed with a textured backing to reduce slipping. Leak-resistant and drapable, this surface protector can be used just about anywhere on the job!

Total Jobsite Protection

The drop cloth market can be overwhelming and confusing but floor protection is very important. When picking a drop cloth for your job, remember to consider what type of work you’ll be doing, where it’ll be used, and what it’ll protect. For more drop cloth options as well as products like plastic for painting, explore Trimaco’s full catalog.

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