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November 20, 2019

Why do you need paint protection film?

We know, paint preparation is tough. People underestimate how much time it takes to prepare for even the smallest paint jobs. Most paint pros spend an entire day masking off walls, baseboards and more before bringing in the paint.

Although prep day is tough, it’s a critical step in the painting process. Without taping off and preparing your surfaces, you risk the chance for costly spills and damages.

Types of Masking FIlm

When gathering materials for a job, there are a few different types of masking films to take into consideration based on your job type.

  • PRE-TAPED MASKING FILM: Pre-taped masking film is a high quality option where straight lines may be needed. Tape is already applied on one side of the masking film, making it super easy to install. Cut your time in half by utilizing this film with a masker!
  • SELF-ADHERING MASKING FILM: This masking film relies on the film’s static-cling properties. It self adheres to the surfaces it’s applied to, making it easy to install.
  • TREATED MASKING FILM: Premium masking film is a traditional masking film that is treated with a unique formula. The treated plastic attracts overspray and reduces flaking during the duration of the job. Since this film is not self-adhering, it’s easiest to prepare with a paint protection film installer or masker and tape.
  • STANDARD GRADE MASKING FILM: Standard grade masking film is the simplest (but still effective) of the film types. It makes painting easier, cleaner and faster. Again, for easy installation apply paint protection film with a hand masker with tape.

Trimaco Cling Cover- Easy, Clean & Fast

Trimaco’s beloved Cling Cover is now available in even more sizes. This plastic sheeting is a self-adhering masking film, that will cling to almost any surface. Cling Cover is a treated masking film with a unique formula that will attract over spray and reduce flaking.

This masking film will withstand multiple uses and jobs, without making a mess. Great for painting, sanding, remodeling jobs and more! The strong and durable film is easy to install, making prep day easier and faster.

How to Install Cling Cover Masking Film

  1. First determine how much masking film you’ll need for your job. Cling Cover is available in both 9’ x 400’ (3,600 sq ft) and 12’ x 400’ (4,800 sq ft) easy to use rolls.
  2. Cling Cover is a self adhering masking film, and works best when surfaces are clean and clear of dust and dirt, so prep you space prior to application.
  3. Since Cling Cover is packaged in an easy dispenser box, simply pull and cut to your desired size with a box cutter.
  4. Next, unravel and place on surface that needs protecting. Smooth into place to ensure the film clings to desired surface.
  5. Paint or work away! When finished simply remove plastic, and dispose.

Cut prep day in half with Trimaco’s Cling Cover paint protection film. Looking for other ways to reduce time and labor? Explore Trimaco’s full line of paper and plastic masking products and accessories!

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