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November 13, 2019

What is Kraft Reinforced Paper

You’ve done the prep and your surfaces are out of harm’s way- great work! All is well until your builder’s paper endures a few too many spills and quite a lot of foot traffic. With one simple spin, the paper tears. Dust, dirt, paint and water are now all potential threats to your surface. What if there was a lightweight builder’s paper that was durable enough to withstand tears on the job site? Lucky for you, our kraft reinforced paper roll does just that.

Reinforced paper is a tough, tear resistant surface protector that is great to protect floors, stairs, countertops and more. Designed and reinforced with argyle patterned fiberglass scrim material, making it difficult to tear and ultimately keeps the surface underneath protected.

Why choose Reinforced Paper?

Scrim paper is an ideal option to cover floors and surfaces because of its durability and tear resistance. It improves productivity on the job site by eliminating the hassle of having to reapply surface protection paper.

Reinforced paper will last longer than traditional red rosin paper and builder’s paper. Its dependability cuts construction costs, decreases the total amount of materials used and improves the overall productivity and safety on the job site.

Trimaco’s New Fiberglass Scrim Reinforcement Paper

Trimaco has a wide range of surface protection boards and papers, and we are excited to add yet another surface protection paper to our line of products. Our Reinforced Kraft Paper is ideal for a wide range of surfaces including hardwoods, tile, vinyl, marble and low pile carpet.

The non-staining kraft paper is the toughest paper on the block, and will stand up to your toughest jobs. The moisture resistant rolls are easy to work with and install.

To Install:

  1. First determine how many rolls you’ll need to cover your surfaces
  2. Clean and clear your surface
  3. Simply roll out the kraft paper roll from wall to wall (or edge to edge), and cut with a box cutter
  4. Repeat and overlap the edges about an inch and secure using a seam tape or blue painter’s tape
  5. Tape down the perimeter edges to keep the surface protector in place (we recommend using a painter’s tape – but be sure to test in a discrete area before use)
  6. Once in place, work away!

Trimaco’s Reinforced Scrim Paper is an ideal protective paper to cover floors, stairs, counter tops and more! Be sure to check out our full line of flooring papers and heavy duty surface protectors for complete confidence on the job site.

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