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November 5, 2019

As you know by now, surface protection products come in all types of materials, textures, sizes and thicknesses. It’s common to become overwhelmed by the choices, but it’s important to understand each surface protection product may have a specialty purpose.

As the market expands, and different industries find necessity in surface protectors, the options will continue to grow.

Why is Surface Protection Important?

Surface protectors have key benefits in different industries since they are used a bit differently. However, across all industries, these are the three key reasons to invest in a high quality surface protector.

  • Safety: Keeping workers and bystanders safe will always be the first priority on a job site.
  • Protection: Behind safety, protecting a client’s surfaces is critical.
  • Financial Savings: Keeping surfaces protected not only keeps the client happy, but it also helps prevent costly and timely mistakes.

Surface protection continues to evolve to meet the marketplace demands for high quality surface protection. At Trimaco, we design products to accommodate the ever changing needs of our customers.

Since application time and labor is a pain point (literally and figuratively) that job sites run into frequently, we designed a tough, self-stick tacky surface protector.

NEW Tack Back Floor Protector

Trimaco’s new SuperTuff Tack Back Surface Protector is a self adhesive floor protector, but can be used for all types of surfaces (horizontal or vertical). This surface protector can withstand high traffic and heavy equipment. The leak-resistant, long-lasting surface protector fights against all oils, liquids and other spills. The unique material consists of of two layers:

Top Layer: Absorbent fiber blend of post-consumer and post-industrial recycled PET.
Bottom Layer: PET film with an aqueous pressure sensitive adhesive.

Reduce application time and labor, by eliminating taping seams down. However, don’t be fooled by the adhesive backing–Tack Back is easy to reposition and remove!

How to Install SuperTuff Tack Back

  1. Calculate how many rolls of Tack Back your job potentially could need with our Jobsite Calculator. Rolls are currently available in 36-inch x 25-ft, 36-inch x 50-ft and 36-inch x 100-ft.
  2. For the adhesive backing to stick, clean and dry floor thoroughly.
  3. If you are protecting a floor or flat surface, simply stick leading edge of mat to floor, roll out and cut the mat to length.
  4. Position and smooth the mat out by applying even pressure. Smooth out any wrinkles to ensure full surface protection. If protecting a vertical surface, it may be wise to measure, cut and then hang.
  5. To seam Tack Back pieces together, make sure the seams are flat without gaps or overlapping (For additional reinforcement, use duct tape on joints.)
  6. Once your surface is completely covered, you can begin working! For best results, Tack Back works best in a conditioned area.

Heavy Duty SuperTuff SuperTuff Tack Back is an ideal adhesive floor protector. Whether it’s to reduce labor time and costs, or for a unique or vertical surface. Be sure to explore all of Trimaco’s heavy duty surface protectors.

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