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October 30, 2019

What is Personal Protective Equipment?

Personal Protective Equipment is a term used in various industries to describe gear (coveralls, hard hats, protective shoe covers, etc.) that protects a user or worker from potential harmful physical hazards. OSHA states that any worker who could potentially be at risk, should have access to PPE items.

Different types of PPE include:

  • Noise (ear plugs or ear muffs)
  • Eye and Face (Protective glasses, goggles, hard hats and helmets)
  • Skin Protection (coveralls, uniforms or high visibility clothing, hard hats and helmets)
  • Respiratory protection (dust masks and spray socks)

There are four different levels of PPE, based on the risks and amount of protection needed on a job. Be sure to explore these levels to ensure the correct kind of gear is available to you and your co-workers.

Importance of Personal Protective Equipment

Work safety is a high priority (if not the highest) on all job sites. By providing and enforcing high quality protective wear on site, it protects a worker’s health and reduces their exposure to harmful risks.

Slip Resistant Safety on the Job

Slipping and falling is a common physical hazard on a jobsite. Liquids and other slippery substances are common on a wide range of job sites from large industrial projects to simple home improvement jobs.

Protective shoe guards not only help reduce tracking on the job, but are also a common PPE product.

What if there was a shoe guard, that didn’t skimp on protection, but provided slip-resistance, as well? Our Smart Grip Shoe Guards do just that!

Smart Grip, Safety Shoe Guards

Trimaco’s newest protective wear item provides the next level of shoe guard protection. Smart Grip Shoe Covers are designed with a grippy sole that won’t slip and slide on hard surfaces.

The durable, dependable elastic cover provides the same protection as other shoe covers

  • Elastic ankle for a safe, snug fit
  • Water and oil resistant
  • Durable

The rubber sole keeps you in place and free from slipping and potentially falling. Great for all job types including construction work, painting jobs, restoration projects and more!

Learn more about Trimaco’s Smart Grip Shoe Covers, and our whole line of personal protective wear!

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