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October 17, 2019

We want your feedback!

At Trimaco, we love to hear what your feedback and what think of our products and how they help solve and prevent problems on the jobsite. As a manufacturing leader in the paint, construction, flooring, marine, disaster restoration and automotive industries- customer support remains to be one of our top priorities.

We have gathered some of our favorite feedback this fall, from some of our most beloved Trimaco products. Learn more about what our customers are saying about us, and feel free to share your own story!

DuPont Tyvek Button Up Jacket

“I bought this a month ago to use to do some touch up painting in my garage and it worked really great. Easy to get on and off and really did a good job protecting my clothing from paint. Highly recommend this to all my family and friends.”

Trimaco Insta Pocket

“These plastic pockets are awesome for adding not only to your coverall suit, but adding anywhere you might need them. My phone was easy to load into the pocket and take out. I was easily able to see it and use the touchscreen to navigate calls and such.”

“This was a great way to keep my phone handy while I was painting without risking it getting ruined. Was super easy to use and kept it safe, and it also works through the plastic so you don’t have to take it out every time you need to look something up.”

10mil Aqua Shield Surface Protector

“I do a lot of drywall and carpentry work and Aqua Shield Ultimate Surface Protector is perfect for my needs. I love the fact that it’s slip resistant, flame retardant and waterproof. It’s very durable and thick. Aqua Shield Ultimate Surface Protector is 10mils thick and could be cut easily with scissors. It can be used over and over and once you’re done with it toss it in the recycle bin…YES it’s RECYCLABLE!! Whether you need to protect floors, walls, furniture or anything else that comes to mind Aqua Shield Ultimate Surface Protector is my first choice.”

Heavy Duty SuperTuff Surface Protector

“This floor protector is amazing. It’s plush and so easy to use. I live in an old house with refinished hardwood floors. We used this product while tearing out a wall as well as painting. There was no damage to my floors even with boards occasionally being dropped. I worked so hard on my floors, I am so happy I came across this product to protect them during any home improvement projects I do. Thank you!”

Trimaco Heavy Duty E-Z Up Dust Containment Poles

“The Trimaco E-Z Up Dust containment pole 2-pack is essential for any contractor attempting to contain a dusty area. The poles are lightweight with a durable steel construction that can adjust to maximum height of 12 feet. They’re incredibly easy to assemble and clip plastic on with the ‘quick clip’ technology. The poles are extremely sturdy and in my experience worked extremely well to keep drywall dust out of other areas in the house.”

“I have been in construction for several years, roughly 25…and I have never owned a set of dust containment poles as nice as these are! I was very impressed when I opened them. They are made to last and are made to be very heavy duty. They are very strong and once put up, will not move. I also liked that they are so tall, I have others that are not nearly as tall. My favorite feature of all was the jack on them. I have never had any with a jack. This makes the process extremely easier. I am very pleased with this set!”

Stay Put Canvas Plus Dropcloth

“This is a great drop cloth. The canvas material is of a good thickness. The non slip backing grips without being sticky. The combination of the two materials make it very durable and nothing seeps through past the backing. It truly does stay where you put it.”

Trimaco X-Board Paint + Remodel Surface Protector

“I have a small commercial contracting company and purchased this product to protect some vinyl plank flooring I had installed on a project. The is by far the best floor protection I have used. Its durable and lightweight. We taped the seams and never once had to replace it. It held up to heavy traffic for over 3 weeks. Great Product!!”


“Easy to cut, but durable enough to protect from most dropped tools or accidental scrapes. Easy applicable on most/all surfaces. The material is a thinner cardboard that is semi repellent against water/liquid spills. Not just limited to flooring, I used it to protect my countertops while working on my cabinets.”

Have favorite Trimaco products, or feedback to share? We would love to hear from you! Comment below, and we may feature in our next testimonial post.

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