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September 24, 2020

Trimaco’s X-Board and X-Paper are a dynamic duo among temporary surface protection and floor covering products. Depending on your project and construction site, you can use X-Board, X-Paper, or both as a superior surface protector for your work space.

X-Paper is a heavy duty construction floor protection paper, while X-Board is a reusable heavy duty floor protection board. Both products are great floor coverings and protect surfaces from paint, scratches and foot traffic. The demands of your job and surfaces that need protection, will determine which product is best suited for your area or situation.

Why X-Team?



X•Paper® offers temporary protection against water spills, paint splatters, scratches and repels minor spills. It is 1.5x thicker than regular builder’s paper, yet it is still breathable. Because of its extra strength, X-Paper is ideal for hard surfaces in areas with heavy traffic. X-Paper is a great protective floor covering for all types of surfaces including hardwood floors, stairs, laminate, countertops and cabinets.

This construction floor protection paper isn’t self-adhesive so you can apply this surface protector with masking tape and ensure that you have a perfect seal regardless of where you use this product. This means you have more control over how the product is used and allows the paper to be more versatile. It is durable and dependable, meaning you’ll spend less time applying and reapplying paper on the job.


X•Board® Paint + Remodel features our Spill Block® technology that ensures no paint, mud or water get through to your floor surfaces. It rolls out flat and is waterproof, reusable and long lasting, saving you time and money. It is 2.5x thicker than Builder’s Paper, but is still breathable for curing floors. Check out our X-Board Seam Tape too!

Achieve Total Surface Protection with Trimaco’s X-Team

The X-Team is durable and dependable, meaning you will spend less time reapplying floor protectors and paper and more time getting your job done. Both floor protection rolls are ideal for protecting floors on the jobsite. Interested in other surface protection products, such as floor protection films, carpet protection, and corrugated plastic? Be sure to take a look through our full catalog.

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Minimizing wear and tear on floors by using surface protection while you’re on the job will help save you time and money in the long run. It’s that simple! Like @thebuildwithethan said, “it’s like a lobster bib, but for your jobsite.” 😂🦞 ... See MoreSee Less

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