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September 3, 2020

When it comes to surface protection options, Trimaco has endless options that are guaranteed to meet the needs of any jobsite. Protective films are a popular choice when it comes to protecting carpet, hard floors, windows, countertops and HVACs.

Why use a different plastic sheeting for each surface? Learn more about Trimaco’s 5 protective films, and why each option is unique to the surface it protects.

carpet film

Carpet Protection Film

Looking for the best way to protect your carpet during construction? Carpet film is the perfect option to protect a wide range of carpets for construction, remodeling, painting, spraying, moving and more! The reverse-wound adhesive film leaves no residue, yet is durable enough to resist punctures, tears and foot traffic.

For best results and protection, this carpeting protective film with adhesive backing should only be used for 30 days, and never used on hardwoods, ceramic tile, wool carpets, wet carpets or newly laid carpets.

Trimaco offers a wide range of sizes for any job type. Looking for an easy application? Trimaco’s film applicator makes preparation quick and easy! The applicator works with 24″, 30″ and 36″ wide carpet and hard surface films 200′ in length and up.

Hard Surface Paint Protection Film

There are quite a few options when choosing a temporary heavy duty floor protection for hard surfaces. Masonite, flooring paper, polyethylene and surface film are all great choices.

Why choose this film? Hard surface film is ideal for temporary protection for jobs lasting 30 days or less. The easy to apply reverse-wound rolls are tough, durable and can withstand foot traffic. The blue plastic floor protector can not only be applied to floors but is versatile enough to also protect:

  • Bathtubs
  • Showers
  • Appliances
  • Tile and more

We recommend applying to floors with Trimaco’s film applicator. To avoid damage do not apply to damp surfaces, unfinished wood, natural marble, natural stone, hardwood floors and curing floors. As a best practice, check your surface weekly.

Adhesive Window Film

Avoid costly mistakes and window replacements with the help of temporary window protection film. The blue self-wound window film protects windows and glass from paint splatters, stains and overspray.

Take time to prep your surface with window film for all stages for the job, from room construction and installation to painting and moving. Trimaco’s clear and blue film for windows is not only easy to install, but is easy to remove with zero residue. What sets our window film apart from the rest?

  • Window protector is UV resistant
  • Puncture resistant
  • Available in both blue and clear options
  • Gentle adhesive leaves no sticky residue
  • Both 30-day and 60-day options are available

HVAC Duct Protection Film

The last but not least protective film you need on your jobsite is HVAC protective duct film. During the construction process an endless amount of dirt, dust and debris fly into the air, resulting in poor air quality.

To prevent the spread of these airborne particles, simply apply the protective film over the HVAC duct. To install, simply secure the film on one side of the duct. Next, pull the film and secure it on the opposite side. Cut and press the puncture resistant film around the edges to avoid particles from slipping through.

Once ducts are installed, and construction is finished, remove the residue free film and enjoy!

countertop film

Countertop Protection Film

Protecting floors, carpets and windows are critical during a job, but don’t forget your countertops! In today’s world marble, granite and tile countertops are more popular than ever. Don’t skimp on protecting these delicate surfaces that can easily be damaged by paint, water and scratches.

Not only can this self-wound protective film be applied after countertops are in place, but it can also be used during the fabrication, shipping and installation process. Trimaco’s Countertop film is easy to install, remove and leaves no harmful residue.

Trimaco’s Protective Films

Trimaco offers a full line of high-quality jobsite protection film, from adhesive carpet protector film to HVAC film – we have you covered. Be sure to check out our full catalog for all your surface protection and protective film solutions!

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