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September 1, 2021

Window protection on the jobsite

When you think of surface protection, typically flooring, countertops and stairs come to mind. However, glass protection is just as critical. Windows are fragile, and can be expensive to replace if broken, scratched or stained. When preparing your jobsite, take the time to prep and protect all surfaces that could potentially be damaged, including windows!

Types of Window protection for any job

When exploring the vast types of window protection options, it’s important to consider what’s necessary for your job. Do you need scratch or impact protection? Paint or overspray protection? You may even need something such as a window tint that prevents UV rays from coming through.

Before choosing your surface protection film protector, take the time to research a few options based on your needs.

window protection film

Adhesive Window Film

Adhesive film for windows is one of the easiest, and most durable options. This easy to apply film can be adhered to most glass surfaces including windows, glass doors and shower doors. It protects against scratches, stains and harmful UV rays. Added bonus, this film will not leave any sticky residue if removed within 30-60 days (depending on your film type)!

Pressure sensitive Surface Film

Self-adhering films are designed with no additional adhesive, making this a great product for a wide range of surfaces, including windows. Designed with a pressure sensitive tacky backing, this film provides paint protection and some impact resistance. Easy to apply and remove with no adhesive left behind! However, for best results we recommend not applying this to windows that receive direct sunlight.

Tapeless Static Cling Film

Looking for an adhesive free, lightweight option that stays in place? A static cling film is the product for you! No need to tape this protective film down, it will cling to almost any surface including smooth glass windows, but will still allow some natural light in.

Pre-Taped Masking Film

Pre-taped masking film is a staple in the construction and paint industries. Typically used with a hand masker for easy application, this protective film can be applied to the top frame of a window. Once tape is applied, simply unfold the masking film for complete coverage. The clinging film will protect against overspray and paint drips.

Window Film Application Tips

Window film is a necessary surface protector for most jobs, so we’ve compiled a few tips to help you along the way!

  1. When preparing to apply your window film product of choice, it’s important to clean your surface prior to application. This will ensure the adhesive sticks properly, and lasts the duration of the job.
  2. Move from the top of the window to bottom, for an easier and faster application process.
  3. The window films listed above will not leave residue behind, but every surface is different. We recommend testing any adhesive film or tape in an inconspicuous space before applying in order to avoid damage.
  4. Abide by the product timelines. Most window films can be left on the surface for 30-60 days. But check the fine print to be sure!

Trimaco has you (and your windows) covered!

Trimaco offers a wide range of window film options from adhesives, to traditional masking film, security window film, privacy film and window shields to related products like carpet protection film and floor protection. Take the time to protect these surfaces to prevent costly mistakes. Learn more about Trimaco’s full line of films, and surface protectors for total jobsite protection™!

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