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March 31, 2021

Face it, we’ve all seen the dust created during construction or a home renovation. It has a magical way of ending up in every nook and cranny. It can travel, either through duct work, on clothing or from a breeze, to places you least expected. While dust can spread rapidly and easily, cleaning it up is a whole other story. Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take in order to control dust during your construction or remodeling project that will assist in making your clean up quicker and easier. Explore how to prevent dust during construction with Trimaco’s 4 easy tips & tricks.

Why you should keep construction dust down

During a remodel, restoration and other construction projects, it’s important to take precaution to prevent the spread of drywall dust, dirt, sanding dust, and other airborne particles. It may seem obvious, but dust in the home can create problems outside of dirtiness and unsightliness. Dust and debris contaminate the construction area air, contributing to poor air quality and risking human health. It can also damage furniture and appliances, resulting in costly repairs and time spent fixing them.

how to prevent dust during construction

Contain your space

Isolating your work area will help keep dust confined to just the area you’re working in. Trimaco’s dust containment kits include everything you need to contain your area. Simply use plastic sheeting with the poles and zipper to create an enclosure, protecting the rest of the job site or home from the area where the work is being done.

HVAC duct film

Seal off ducts with dust barriers

Using HVAC film to cover return ducts will prevent dust from moving through air ducts to other areas of the house or job site. This is a simple step of the process, but could easily be overlooked since air conditioning and heating ducts can often be out of sight.

Cover your furniture and surfaces

Apply plastic sheeting over furniture and vertical surfaces to help prevent dust particles from settling into fibers and other surfaces. Cling Cover is a self-adhering film that actually attracts dust to its surfaces, helping to pull particles from the air. Additionally, use a dust-free surface protector, such as the SuperTuff Surface Protector, on the floor to assist in your efforts to keep dust down.

Clean up at the end of each day

It may sound tedious, but taking a few minutes at the end of each day can help you stay on top of the dust and dirt and maintain clean air in the workspace. Use a broom or vacuum cleaner, feather duster and microfiber cloths to wipe down surfaces and pick up dust. This will help decrease the amount of dust left at the end of the job.

Total Dust Control

The spread of dust is inevitable, but taking a few simple precautionary steps can help make cleaning up a simpler process and create a safer and cleaner work environment. Interested in learning more about how you can isolate dust on your jobsite? Browse Trimaco’s full line of dust containment and jobsite protection products to use on your next job.

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