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May 14, 2020

We appreciate your feedback!

We can all agree 2020 has been a strange year so far. Trade Shows and events have been postponed, and social distancing has become the new norm due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although times are different, we are happy to see that our customers are loving our products more than ever! We are truly thankful for your on-going support and thoughtful customer testimonials and reviews.

We’ve compiled some of the received customer testimonials about some of our most beloved Trimaco products. Below are some of our favorites.

Spring 2020

stayput canvas plus

Stay Put® Canvas Plus

“I purchased this cover specifically to cover carpet when we were moving into our new home. We had some touch up painting to do and it was truly outstanding. I’ve used sheets in the past to cover, but they have a tendency to move and they also let paint through. This does not. It stays where you put it and it doesn’t bleed paint through. This is a well made product that does what it is supposed to.”

“This is a great quality item. It’s very thick and will help us improve productivity. The non-slip side stays put and is really helpful. The large 9×12 size is really useful for most projects. It’s also not too large so it’s very easy to fold up and store.”

Easy Mask® Carpet Film

“I do a ton of remodels and new build homes and this carpet protector was great. It helps finish every project with a clean carpet. The adhesive worked well and it stayed put. I recommend this product and it can save you a lot of time cleaning carpet after a remodel if used.”

“The Easy Mask Carpet Film is very easy to apply since it is reverse wound. The material used is light enough to be laid smoothly but strong enough to walk on with shoes without tearing. Great product.”

Trimaco E-Z Up® Dust Containment Poles

“I think Trimaco’s E-Z Up Dust Containment Poles are great! Very sturdy, the foot pedal on the floor is so much more handy then the ones that have the squeeze handle at the top. With this unit, I’ll never have to get on a ladder to extend to the 12′ maximum like I would with the other similar products. Extending the poles is easy. I don’t know how else to describe how much better these were than their competitors. The top pad can adjust 180 degrees while the bottom foot can rotate 360 degrees. I would highly recommend this product to other DIY’ers.”

Aqua Shield® Surface Protector

“We recently did a remodel. This product worked great. It was so easy to use and did a very good job of protecting our new wood floors. Not all contractors are very careful. This kept our floors in great shape. After we were done with the remodel we gave it a quick wipe off and installed it over our concrete floor in our garage. It also looks great and keeps oil off our garage floor.”


“This is a must have for anyone remodeling their home. My husband and I bought an old fixer upper farmhouse and have recently been remodeling the kitchen. We didn’t want to ruin the nice antique hardwood floors so X-Board was perfect to lay down and protect these precious floors while we ripped out cabinets, hung drywall, spackled and painted. We didn’t have to worry about any flooring being ruined or getting paint on them. Highly recommended.”

“A must have if you have finished floors and are doing work in an area. The board protects floors from foot traffic and debris in the work area, will last the duration of your project and give you peace of mind your floors will be protected. A must have for all your remodeling projects with a finished floor.”

Smart Grip® Shoe Covers

“Trimaco’s Smart Grip disposable shoe covers are great for your work boots. I wear a size 13 boot and they cover my boot nicely so I do not track muck into the office. You can protect the floors from tracking in any debris. They slip right into the bottom of your boots and are easy to take off.”

Trimaco has you covered!

From traditional canvas drop cloths to dust containment systems and protective wear, Trimaco has everything you need for the job! Have a review you’d like to share? Comment below and we may feature you in our next customer testimonials update!

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