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December 18, 2020

Everyone knows that construction and paint sites can potentially be dangerous areas. Working with hazardous materials and in unsafe conditions present challenges that need to be constantly addressed. Personal and jobsite safety should be your number one priority when you’re on the job.

Understanding the environment, OSHA regulations for your jobsite and the materials you’ll be using will help you in determining which tools and equipment you should use to keep you and your crew healthy. Luckily, Trimaco has you covered when it comes to providing personal safety products for your paint or construction site that will ensure you are staying safe!

Products to help improve job site safety

E-Z Clean Goggles®

Many jobsites require ANSI approved eye protection. Protective eyewear should be used when mixing chemicals and paints, sanding and other instances where flying particles and toxic substances are a hazard. Our E-Z Clean Goggles are ANSI rated, as well as 99.9% UV resistant.

Stay Put® Canvas Plus Dropcloth

Dropcloths typically provide a serious safety issue. Standard canvas dropcloths can slip and slide on hardwood and tile floors causing a major hazard for those working on the job. Our Stay Put Canvas Plus dropcloth features a durable, slip resistant backing and is 300% more slip resistant than 8oz canvas drop cloths, providing you with superior fall protection. Reduce worry on the job with less slipping and more working!

SuperTuff® Spray Socks

When spray painting on the job, wear a spray sock to protect again overspray. Our SuperTuff Spray Sock comfortably protects the head, neck, mouth and/or nose. This can be worn with our E-Z Clean Goggles for added protection!

Dust Containment Poles

Airborne particles on your paint or construction project can present a number of risks, including contributing to lung cancer and damage to the nose, throat, and lungs. Control the spread of these particles by creating a partition with dust containment poles between your area of work and the rest of the jobsite.

These precipitous times continually present challenges that workplaces need to adapt. Trimaco’s E-Z Up® Poles can help create socially distant barriers in offices, reception areas and other work settings to increase safety among employees.

DuPont™ Tyvek® Coveralls

Jobsite workers may be exposed to airborne particles and hazardous liquids on the job, along with paint spray and splashes. In these cases, protective coveralls should be worn. Dupont Tyvek coveralls are designed to keep you safe from harmful particles, while also keeping you comfortable through the duration of your work. Tyvek features material that will block liquid and particles from penetrating it while allowing air to freely pass through.

Luckily, many jobsite injuries and workplace hazards can be prevented when the project workers are equipped with the proper products and safety gear. Additionally, having a safety manager and safety program on your jobsite will help ensure your bases are covered. Protecting the workers involved will result in a more positive and healthy work environment, as well as ensuring your project stays on track and meets deadlines! Explore Trimaco’s full product catalog for our complete line of jobsite and personal safety products.

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