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December 10, 2020

The Marine industry encompases a wide range of sectors from oilers and electricians, to operating and managing ships, to building and manufacturing parts. This global industry continues to grow as our world becomes more connected and the demand for not only trade vessels continues, but also for recreational uses.

Trimaco & Marine Jobsite Protection

Trimaco is a leader in jobsite protection, and the marine jobsite is no different. Seaman job sites require surface protection during the building and restoring stages. From using window glass protection to mask off new window installments, to protecting the floors with a slip-resistant floor protector, Trimaco is the single source for marine jobsite protection products. Explore some of our most beloved marine products below!

5 must-have products for every marine jobsite

1. Aqua Shield®

Trimaco’s Aqua Shield is a leak resistant, slip resistant, dust free and FR rated surface protector. Available in 10mil, 25mil and 40mil thicknesses, Aqua Shield can be used to protect all types of surfaces in different stages of construction on a ship or vessel.

Aqua Shield is easy to roll out, cut around objects and conform to obscure-shaped surfaces. The temporary surface protector is durable, reusable and can be easily swept or sprayed off.

  • Tested and certified to NFPA-701 Test Method 2
  • For complete protection, use Trimaco’s Aqua Shield seam tape to bind seams
  • Polyethylene surface protector
  • Meets requirements for NAVSEA temporary deck covering as outlined in NAVSEA contract

wonder rag

2. Wonder Rags®

Be prepared for spills, grease, paint and more with Trimaco’s Wonder Rags. The super absorbent microfiber cloth is a must-have on the marine jobsite. Each rag is a consistent size, and come in an easy to access pop out box.

Wonder Rags are streak-free and lint-free, making them ideal for cleaning glass or boat windows. In addition, the shammy-style wiper is washable and reusable!

3. Masking Paper

Mask off the surfaces of the boat with Trimaco’s Easy Mask® Masking Paper. Surface protection paper prevents overspray and can be easily used with most hand maskers. Trimaco offers a variety of options, depending on your jobsite needs.

  • Poly-Gold Plastic Coated Masking Paper: Designed to resist water-born cleaners, primers and paints. Gold Masking Paper is ideal for wet sanding projects
  • White Masking Paper: Chemically treated to prevent solvent primer and paint bleed through. White Masking Paper is great for wet sanding, priming and finishing vessel paint jobs.
  • Green Masking Paper: Ideal for priming and everyday jobs, Trimaco’s Green Masking Paper provides dependable bleed through protection.

4. Easy Mask® Premium Masking Film

Similar to masking off your surfaces with masking paper, also consider using Masking Film! Why choose masking film over paper? Premium masking film can easily conform to corners or rounded edges, is leak resistant and allows light into the vessel or ship.

Trimaco’s Premium Masking Film attracts overspray and clings to surfaces, keeping the masking film in place during the painting process. To use, simply load into a hand masker with blue painter’s tape. Make sure to apply pressure to the tape to ensure it is sticking to the masking film before masking surfaces.

Trimaco’s Premium Masking Film is available in various sizes, perfect for any size boat, or jobsite.

marine coveralls

5. DuPont™ Tyvek® Coveralls

Protecting the surfaces are critical when manufacturing, building, and restoring boats. Prevent costly mistakes and prep your surfaces prior to marine construction, but don’t forget to protect yourself as well!

DuPont Tyvek Coveralls provide breathable, all day protection. Coveralls block liquids and any airborne particles from harming clothing and skin. The dependable Tyvek material is low static and continues to provide protection even when abraded.

Trimaco has you covered

Don’t skimp on surface protection and PPE on the marine jobsite. Take the additional steps to prepare your full time vessel, bulk carrier, oil tanker, or boat for construction to avoid damage such as paint overspray, scratches and dents. Learn more about Trimaco and the marine industry, including our whole product line.

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