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April 2, 2020

Jobsites Are Messy

Whether it’s dirt, paint, dust or just junk, it’s inevitable that your work site is going to get messy. However, there are precautions you can take and jobsite products you can put in place to ensure your work space does not become a safety hazard.

Importance of a clean jobsite

Keeping your jobsite clean is one of the easiest ways to prevent accidents and promote workplace safety. Without this critical first step, workers are more likely to slip, fall or expose themselves to harmful airborne particles.

For your workers and the jobsite’s sake, don’t skimp on preparation.

Prevent The Mess

Take the time to prevent dirt and dust while you work with these five jobsite products:

1. Surface Protectors

You would be surprised by the number of workers who have learned from bad experiences. Surface protection is a quick and simple way to protect floors and surfaces from paint, dirt, spills and splatters. They can also keep the work area a safe site by reducing slips and trip hazards.

Ranging from hardwood floors, carpet and tile to stairs, concrete, countertops and even windows, there is a surface protector for almost every working surface on the jobsite. Some of Trimaco’s most beloved options include:

2. Dust Containment Solutions

Controlling dust and other airborne particles is tough, but is just as important as surface protection. Dust containment on the jobsite not only helps prevent damage and costly mistakes, but it also maintains proper air quality to keep your working areas safe. Plus, your customer will be very happy that dust is being kept to a minimum.

The easiest way to keep dust contained is to build a dust containment system, isolating the work space. Trimaco’s dust containment solutions include:

3. Tracking Prevention Products

Don’t leave a trail of footsteps on the job. It’s important to minimize tracking to protect your floors and keep your customers happy with a clean site.

There are two ways to help prevent tracking. The first is to wear a protective shoe cover when entering a space. Shoe covers will help prevent transferring what’s on your work boots onto the floor, stairways, or passageways. If your foot is extra large, make sure to find one that is geared for size 14 shoes and larger.

The second option is to use a product, such as the Dirt Trapper® to remove particles from your work boot before entering an area. This product contains sticky sheets that easily peel off layer by layer to remove dirt build up from shoes, carts and more. Both options are ideal solutions to keep outside dirt and dust from entering your jobsite.

4. Masking Plastic Products

From pre-taped masking plastic to static cling, there are a variety of jobsite products that help cover, seal and protect important working surfaces from dust, dirt, spray and paint. Take the time to protect cabinets, trim, countertops, windows and more with these plastic masking products:

5. Rags and Wipers

Although prevention is an important element, we also want you to be prepared when a mess does happen. Trimaco’s full range of painter’s rags and wipers are great for cleaning, removing dust, and absorbing paint spills.

Total Jobsite Protection™

Accidents will happen and messes will be made–it’s all part of the construction project process. The key is to be prepared, protect your surfaces and keep your work site safe. Be sure to explore Trimaco’s full product catalog for more jobsite protection products!

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