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April 15, 2020

Why is dust containment important?

Dust containment includes the equipment, enclosure and process of keeping dust and debris contained to a specific area. Airborne particles can quickly harm the air quality on a jobsite. When the air quality is a risk, it then puts a worker’s respiratory health at risk.

When dust or airborne dust and particles are present on a job, dust containment is a critical preventative step to keep a safe job site.

How to control dust during remodeling and construction projects

No matter the job type or size, dust containment can be implemented in all types of work areas. From large scale disaster restoration jobs to small home remodels, these tips and tricks help maintain proper dust control.

  • Invest in a reliable portable dust containment system
  • Make sure all appropriate areas are sealed off
  • Create an easy and safe door way to enter and exit the enclosure
  • Clean up any dirt or dust in the enclosure before dismantling the enclosure

Trimaco E-Z Up Pole Kits

The best way to ensure your jobsite is safe, is to invest in reliable equipment. Trimaco offers three sets of pole kits to make your job easier. These kits include all of the essential pieces to build portable a dust containment system.

All of the kits include dust barrier poles and a Trimaco E-Z Up adhesive zipper. When used with plastic sheeting and tape, these pole kits are a reliable solution to containing dust.

To make transportation of the poles easier, we’ve also included a pole bag. Once finished cleaning and disassembling, simply pack the poles and plastic sheeting (if acceptable) up and store until next time!

The difference between the pole kits? Our heavy duty option is an ideal choice for most construction projects, disaster restoration or larger jobs with heavy machinery. Plus, you don’t need to worry about throwing the bag in your truck due to the pole’s strength. The traditional pole kits are great for smaller DIY projects like home remodels or residential paint jobs.

Trimaco Dust containment solutions

Explore the full line of Trimaco E-Z Up Dust Containment solutions including dust barrier poles, double sided tape, adhesive zippers, door kits and pole bags. The new Trimaco E-Z Up Pole Kits help ensure you have everything you need to maintain proper air quality, and therefore keep your work area safe.

Be sure to explore all of Trimaco’s dust containment solutions in our full product catalog!

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