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Within the Australian market, decorative and architectural paint products make up the majority of the paint and decorating industry. From DIY paint projects to large scale coating jobs, this sector includes any company involved in painting or any type of covering that is applied to a surface.

At Trimaco, we support this industry by providing a wide range of end-use products during the painting application process. From surface preparation to PPE and clean up, we provide solutions to avoid costly mistakes.

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation on a jobsite includes any steps prior to actually painting, such as the use of coating solutions or protective coatings. From masking off windows to installing floor and surface coatings products such as drop sheets and plastic carpet protector rolls. Trimaco provides a wide range of products at competitive prices to help you prepare for any type of paint and decorating job.

Drop Sheets

Decorators’ drop sheets have evolved and adapted with the flooring demands within the decorating market. Trimaco offers a full family of leak-resistant coating systems and slip resistant dust sheets that offer superior dependability:

Floor Protection products

In addition to drop sheets, Trimaco also offers a range of heavy duty floor protectors that provide dependable coverage on various types of floors. From hard plastic floor covering to surface protection film, these products are leak-resistant and can withstand jobsite foot traffic. Some of our most beloved floor covering products in the AU include:

Masking Products

When preparing for a job, it’s critical to protect all surfaces including baseboards, windows, doors and edges. Trimaco’s line of masking products help save time and avoid mistakes:

If you would like additional information on any of our high quality products for the paint and coatings industry, contact our support team today.

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