Professional Absorbent White Knit Rags


From premium white knit to colored rags, we have a wide array for your job. All varieties are absorbent and soft. These wipers are ideal for painting, staining and faux finishing projects, as well as cleaning, polishing and many other tasks.

Trimaco’s full line of knit rags includes Premium, super bright white t-shirt rags; T-Shirt Knit, smooth, bleached t-shirt rags; Mixed White Knits, an economical blend of white t-shirts and mixed knit rags; Heather Grey Knits, an assorted blend of heather grey knit rags; Colored Knits, all purpose rags are absorbent and economical. Be sure to explore Trimaco’s full line of wiping products!

  • Absorbent and soft
  • Ideal for painting, staining and faux finishing projects, as well as cleaning, polishing and many other tasks
  • Washable: machine wash cold, tumble dry low. Wash colored wipers separately.*

Premium White Knit
All purpose, smooth, super bright white t-shirt rags are super absorbent and soft.

108211lb Bag (0.5kg)24
10822#5 Box, 4lb (1.8kg)1
10422#5 Compressed Box, 4lb (1.8kg)1
108544lb Mini-bale (1.8kg)10
10823#10 Box, 8lb (3.6kg)1
10423#10 Compressed Box, 8lb (3.6kg)1
108558lb Bale (3.6kg)5
10885#25 Box, 22lb (10kg)1
10850#50 Box, 45lb (20.4kg)1

T-Shirt Knit
All purpose smooth, bleached t-shirt and polo knit rags are super absorbent, the painter’s favorite.

108111/2lb Bag (0.2kg)24
108441lb Bag (0.5kg)24
10817#5 Box, 4lb (1.8kg)1
10432#5 Compressed Box, 4lb (1.8kg)1
108524lb Mini-bale (1.8kg)10
10848#10 Box, 8lb (3.6kg)1
10433#10 Compressed Box, 8lb (3.6kg)1
108538lb Bale (3.6kg)5
10875#25 Box, 22lb (10kg)1
10886#50 Box, 45lb (20.4kg)1

Mixed White Knit
All purpose, economical, white t-shirt and mixed knit rags are super absorbent and soft.

10832#5 Box, 4lb (1.8kg)1
10442#5 Compressed Box, 4lb (1.8kg)1
108564lb Mini-bale (1.8kg)10
10833#10 Box, 8lb (3.6kg)1
10443#10 Compressed Box, 8lb (3.6kg)1
108578lb Bale (3.6kg)5
10865#25 Box, 22lb (10kg)1
10860#50 Box, 45lb (20.4kg)1

Heather Grey Knit
All purpose smooth, heather grey rags are color-fast and absorbent.

10877#5 Box, 4lb (1.8kg)1
10452#5 Compressed Box, 4lb (1.8kg)1
108744lb Mini-bale (1.8kg)10
10873#10 Box, 8lb (3.6kg)1
10453#10 Compressed Box, 8lb (3.6kg)1
108788lb Bale (3.6kg)5
10880#25 Box, 22lb (10kg)1
10882#50 Box, 45lb (20.4kg)1

Colored Knit
All purpose rags are absorbent and economical.

108011/2 lb Bag (0.2kg)24
108031lb Bag (0.5kg)12
10805#5 Box, 4lb (1.8kg)1
10462#5 Compressed Box, 4lb (1.8kg)1
108584lb Mini-bale (1.8kg)10
10807#10 Box, 8lb (3.6kg)1
10463#10 Compressed Box, 8lb (3.6kg)1
108598lb Bale (3.6kg)5
10818#25 Box, 22lb (10kg)1
10819#50 Box, 45lb (20.4kg)1

*Wipers soaked with stains, linseed oil and/or solvents may spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded. Immediately place soaked wipers in a sealed, water-filled, metal container. Dispose of in accordance with local fire regulations.

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