Canvas Drop Sheets

Traditional canvas drop sheets has stood the test of time. Our high quality cotton canvas drops are available in multiple ounce weights and sizes. From light weight 6oz drops to our heavy duty 12oz drops, we have what you need.

Keep your surfaces protected during the painting process. High quality canvas is washable and reusable for your convenience.

multiple ounce weights available

6oz weight drops are ideal for light painting projects and outdoor use. The 8oz, and most popular option is heavy enough to absorb spills during painting, wallpaper removal and installation, cleaning and more! Our 10oz Premium weight canvas will not only absorb spills, but the thick material will prevent tracking on the job. Our heaviest, 12oz canvas drop sheets are the thickest and tightest woven option. As the contractor’s favorite, this weight is absorbent, reduces tracking and provides some cushion to prevent scratches and dings on surfaces.

  • Washable: machine wash warm, tumble dry low
  • Ideal for painting, cleaning, wallpapering and removal
  • Available in 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, and 12oz

Explore Trimaco’s full line of drop cloths, from heavy duty butyl to light weight vinyl.

SuperTuff™ Canvas Drop Cloths

567016oz69′ x 12′ (2.74m x 3.66m)
567036oz412′ x 15′ (3.66m x 4.57m)
567076oz124′ x 12′ (1.22m x 3.66m)
567086oz124′ x 15′ (1.22m x 4.57m)
589098oz126′ x 9′ (1.83m x 2.74m)
589018oz69′ x 12′ (2.74m x 3.66m)
589038oz412′ x 15′ (3.66m x 4.57m)
589078oz124′ x 12′ (1.22m x 3.66m)
589088oz124′ x 15′ (1.22m x 4.57m)
589058oz124′ x 5′ (1.22m x 1.52m)
5112910oz126′ x 9′ (1.83m x 2.74m)
5112110oz69′ x 12′ (2.74m x 3.66m)
5112310oz412′ x 15′ (3.66m x 4.57m)
5112710oz124′ x 12′ (1.22m x 3.66m)
5112810oz124′ x 15′ (1.22m x 4.57m)
5112510oz124′ x 5′ (1.22m x 1.52m)
5120112oz69′ x 12′ (2.74m x 3.66m)
5120312oz412′ x 15′ (3.66m x 4.57m)
5120712oz124′ x 12′ (1.22m x 3.66m)
5120812oz124′ x 15′ (1.22m x 4.57m)

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